Creating A Comfortably Affordable Sewing Space - Daily D00k13 Day 9 IAAC

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With our working area for Meck Designs coming together nicely this is a video I have been wanting to put together for a while now. Holding off till one of the custom bin organizers was completed, I am stoked about how everything is turning out. We have not reorganized the entire working space 3 times, happy with the layout we started to construct the less moveable aspects into place.
The pieces that I am most proud of are obviously my redneck solutions 😉. A quicky pegboard stand, attached using picture frame velcro to the wall. Peg board was all Mel’s doing and she does an excellent job setting up functional bins while laying out all the tools we need. Tables are lifted plus the tabletop raising computer stand allows for a good standing working height. Colours as I had suspected being in Mel’s style the final piece for our working area was the lighting. We were given an awesome overhead light by Mel’s mother and I picked up a decent short desk lamp for the backside of the sewing machine which together give nearly perfect lighting.
The last part for the storage is construction of a few bin organizers to fit the shelving we must use. Taking the cheapest route possible I used poster board from the dollar store and pegged into place with toothpicks then secured with hot glue. The overall finish could be better, but it is merely about function and cost. Though it did take me nearly 3 hours to cut and construct the first one the rest should be much quicker with the working template.

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