No-Till 20 Gallon - 5x5 - Spider-Farmer SF-1000 - White Rhino - Flower Day 24

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Strain Name: White Rhino
Strain Type: Regular Seed
Strain Breeder: Southern Ontario Seeds
Growing medium: Supersoil
Growing Ferts: EWC & Compost Tea & Top Dress

White Rhino

With it being a 2-week update you can see some dam nice have also had the small pest problem with thrips that I have been dealing with the last couple of weeks. my pest management has been some DE aka Diatomaceous earth for you that don't really know.



When it comes to the SF-1000 I have had no issue with these lights at all, I have actually gone and ordered 2 more to make a total of 3 in my tent and a total of 650 watts.


Pest Managment

What kind of pest management do you do to keep the pest and problems at bay? I want a natural organic way to keep these pests at bay.



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Looking good over there love the colors of cannabis.
I tend to stick to Biological agents, Lacewings, Lady Beetles, and when I have a large problem and season is right Mantis are vicious insects.
So bugs I use Bugs. Happy New, continued luck and growth in the new year.

Thanks, Yeah my plans to buy some insects but harder time of year here in Canada.

Yeah, I can imagine. Amazon in CA doesn't stop for nothing. Upsides and downs sides.