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Did you know blurt blockchains up and running strong? Did you also know blurt420 account is waiting to hand out some nice big votes to share you cannabis hemp CBD post on blurt as well.

Let's join our communities and blockchains. I don't see why any chain or community need to fight when we all want the same thing. Censorship freedom.

So I ask the Weedcash community to come share your posts on blurt and we can build our communities together.

Come follow this account and be sure to use the cannabis hemp CBD and or blurt420 tag for votes.


Who hates big votes? Not me
Can't wait to engage and interact with the members of the community. 🤗
I like interacting with people with same domain alignment as mine 💯
still blazing 🔥🍁💨😎

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Awesome can't wait to see. I think all community's should join. We are such a small group of people