Birthday Blunt - New Life Path - No More Passive Aggressive Thinking

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After last year I decided to make some drastic changes in my private life, and am now going to commit to a much more serious plan to leave Canada. For years now the only thing that's really been high on my bucket list is to not participate in politics that divulge freedom into policy. Canada has crossed the point of no return, and my expectations for this country are for it to become a third world country within the next 20 years.

I don't want to celebrate another year here because I have never felt like celebrating anything in such a sedated and passive aggressive culture, its embarrassing to me personally to be associated with middle aged people who don't understand basic economic principles or why money exists in the first place.

I am going to smoke a giant blunt today and reconcile with some friends about where life has brought us since our first business arrangement over 10 years ago... Time really flies and I am not sure how they are going to react to my decision to terminate 100% of my contracts because they are showing too much sympathy to political correctness to the point I can't stand being around them, or any of our associations anymore.

I am going to start a private equity firm and do that as a independent contractor, that doesn't have to settle for the lower standards and ethics that come with political correctness and unspeakable things like UBI.

I'll be honest, I got so offended by Trudeau talking about UBI, I am going to prove a point, and just like my Ukrainian ancestors who left the Ukraine before the Gulags could ensnare us, I am going to move to a country that respects the rights of the individual before the rights of the collective.

This is going to be a weird blunt, I'll upload a picture to LBRY and embed it into the post a bit later.

Stay true to yourself out there fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

As Bob Marley once iconicly said "When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself."



Where will you go? I am fearful the USA is going down the same path. Yet I am still hopeful.

🇧🇲 🇮🇸

Let's find an island we can buy with weedcash.

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To me, who actually lives in a third world country, Canada still looks like an upgrade in terms of quality of life. But I guess every country has its downsides and shitty aspects of government, some more than others, leading to accelerated downfall.

Its harsh having your dreams constantly go up in price.

Minimum wage here creates people who love below the poverty line.

Living wage is about 200% of the minimum wage in North America.

Its a very complex issue that has adverse effects from new policies when people try something new, it usually causes permanent damage because FIAT reserve banks failing after all, is why bitcoin/hive means something

Go wherever things work better for you. That's my plan as well. That's why so-called patriotism will be the death of some people. Seeing how their income is becoming less, but refusing to leave their "home".

I really have my hopes up on affording a sail boat and then picking an island while sailing around the world.

There's some good private islands I have seen around the world.

That's kind of going semi-off-grid. Cool concept, in theory.
Practically it will be a huge change and pace of life.

Just hedging against the dollar until I got the funds to start, I have read that even just budgeting for $500 a month is enough to go digital nomad, but the sail boat needs annual maintenance

Cheers to getting goals, and sailing into the future!


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Better come to Africa.
There are numerous opportunities to tap in over here.
Enjoy your birthday blunt to the fullest.

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My friends car broke down, so blunt was delayed... Life during lockdown is ultra fun.

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