Random Acts of Cannabis - Passing the Canna-Torch of Abundance

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This initiative was started by @JonYouDyer, but technically was inspired by a post from @DavedIckeyYall. The idea is to pass along an extra bit of cannabis or cannabis product to someone you may or may not know for free without any expectation of compensation. Then you pass this challenge to another canna-enthusiast on the blockchain so that they can give away a bit of cannabis to someone in a greater position of need than them, and so on.


This type of generosity will generate some happy and excited people, and may be even able to help some people get relief from medical conditions. It will also generate some amazing karmic energy for the person gifting the cannabis, and make many who read about it feel inspired to do the same.


Sometimes people (including myself) leave cannabis or canna-concentrates on the family room table which everyone here refers to as "table weed" or "table dabs". This is cannabis or dabs left on the table purposely for anyone in the house or any visitors to consume - mainly for those that do not have their own (which is much less common here than where I am from on the east coast). I gave some Snow Blaze flower away to the house in hopes that some of my roommates will smoke on something a little better than the nasty they have been burnin'. I am sure they will all be stoked, as long as one of them does not greedily grab it all.

I do not like the term "weed" but..."Table Weed"

I also harvested some blueberries from the backyard for everyone - 3/4 gone by the time of this photo

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Passing the Canna-Torch of Abundance

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I pass the canna-torch to brother @Alchemage for the next #randomactsofcannabis

Bless Up & All Around Bro!


Random Acts of Cannabis so far:


If you are a person who prioritizes the health of our Earth and takes any small actions to help the environment, please consider entering our Earth Deeds Contest by clicking here, to have a chance at winning a prize that will earn you HBD & HP (currently worth about $5-$10 USD). This contest happens every week on the @Abundance.Tribe account.


Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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Oh how I LOVE this!

The best part is that, with the right amount of people passing the abundance on, a lot of people on Hive that are not well informed about Cannabis will -hopefully- get a look!

You have to do this, huh? @acurewa (his username "Acurewa" actually means Cannabis in Hüottüjan language)

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Indeed, and that is an awesome account name. We are pushing the abundance thing on Hive hard huh? That is the message we are all sending - how to act on this platform and by extension life - sharing what we have generously and to the right places and people in need.

Yeah hopefully the positive vibes cancels out any negativity. Onward and upwards!

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Hopefully you are right.

What a fab idea. Give me tableberries though instead!!! Loovvve blueberries

Thank you, we have lots here, we have a few raspberries now too, and the blackberries are coming in nicely as well.

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Uplifting indeed!

Great idea btw.

Cool initiative, what comes around goes around.

Your not kidding there.