MLK day... part 2..

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Good morning y'all. Today is Monday.. Martin Luther King day.. today is the conclusion of Saturday's episode of #themorningbowl.. Which you really should watch first.. otherwise this shit don't make no sense.. and now presented without commercial interruption...


MLK day.. The conclusion..

Peace out y'all.. Dave


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Sounds like Libraries are gonna be tough places to hang out. Book burnings next?

Yep, I'm in Fayetteville. I will say the DMV isn't in the same building as the courthouse anymore. It is down 6th street, which was renamed Martin Luther King St HA HA. Oh the irony! So if you come to Fayetteville and drive down MLK, the locals still know it as 6th street.

Haha! The things people chose to be mad about is often beyond me. There are enough problems around without searching them out of fabricating them.

Happy 420 MLK!

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