Thank you Pablo Escobar For saving Hippos from extinction.

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Notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar brought four to Colombia as part of his private zoo Colombia is home to an estimated 80 to 100 hippos. The large mammals spend most of their time eating plants on land and staying cool in the water. In Colombia, they're an invasive species-hippos are native to Africa. notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar brought four to the country as part of his private zoo.

The hippopotamus also called the hippo the two types of hippos, the common hippo and the pygmy hippo are listed as Vulnerable and Endangered, respectively. The type of hippo that is currently listed as a invasive species in Colombia is the common hippo that while the name suggests a larger population it is still listed as vulnerable. While most of the hippos still reside on Escobars former property, some have found their way into the Magdelena river. Local law enforcement have even killed one or more of them since 2009, Many researcher's suggest that the hippos are having a profound impact on on the local ecology.

this was one of the more recent examples of reports on this issue of invasive hippos that began back in the 90s. I thought only ridiculous things came from the 90s, but there apparently was also South American hippos.
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Who would’ve thought, Pablo and hippos. That’s a trip.

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Well said lmao pretty rad

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hippos are lethal af!