Smoking 10th planet, looking at colonizing mars NFTs

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Since WAXP prices decided to go to the moon, todays write up has an out of this world theme. Smoking 10th planet while explaining my Rplanet, & alien worlds strategy in detail. Even Taking a look at colonizing mars a new NFT collection that just went on sale, as well as the Rising star NFTs I finally got on to my WAX account

WAX on the Moon

Since joining WAX 3 months ago I have seen this type of spike in WAXP price a few times To me its feels like large companies buying in for NFT production. Last time I believe it was For the baseball cards however no announcements seem to be a project this large currently, However this is simply a hypothesis nothing that actually substantiates this claim.
What I can say is I have made the mistake of panic selling at these prices before not saying WAXP will go down in price just the market is highly volatile. When the market does this What I tend to focus on is small sales and stoking up on free or cheap NFTs.
This is why I Hodl my profits to trade out in a favorable market I traded out a couple hundred dollars worth and kept some in the market I'm sure we all have traded out to soon before and I try my best to prepare for most eventualities.

What I'm smoking

An Indica dominant strain with around 18%-20% THC 10th planet, 10th planet has a sweat skunk flavor with a heavy buzz.
as well as finishing of the gummy edibles from 4/20, drinking infused tea suffice it to say satellites are not as high as I am.

Colonizing mars

A NFT collection that launched Packs today
These garbed my attention for a simple design choice the look of the packs of NFTs is reminiscent of a loot box or supply drop from several games like star wars, battlefield, and other recent shooters fortnight and so on. This might be nothing but given the increasing level of crossover between gamers and the NFT market could see small changes like this be extremely popular due to the familiarity.

It seems to be the same old story for the burn incentive nothing remarkable but who knows NFTs are odd so crazy shit happens a lot. Though I would not bet on this collection blowing up maybe.

However its not like a R2, Topps, ultra rare, or any of the large companies so its a risk to be certain.

Alien Worlds

I have been trying to fine tune my process for mining in Game to produce the maximum number of NFTs on alien Worlds. These can be sold or Staked on Rplanet (what I have been doing lately) How I accomplish the most NFT production for the minimal involvement at the moment is stake all my TLM to neri
Mine using standard tools on a Methane swampland tile on Neri not that the planet should make a difference. You can actually check the odds for all of this,
This is the current planet tile Doc
You see that my Swamp marsh Tile has gone down in NFT odds so Ill switch to grassland, crater, or coastline.
The link above will always bring you to the current stats but this discord is helpful to
Join the Fox Squad --->
The NFT odds are 40% higher in the mushroom forest right now so I mine there due to it being an efficiency of 91% currently but this will and dose change often.
The tools change to right now the ones I'm using are going to remain the same between 31%-40% efficiency for each tool none of which are 0% for NFT production again live stats for all of this available here.
Its good that I had to reassign the tile so I could show how frequently it changes but using this method I have increased my NFT production from alien worlds.
When I first started I had no clue so I figured I would explain this type of information as I discover what exactly to do with it. This Dapp for WAX Alien worlds has planet voting side collaboration with several NFT collections the number of tiny interactions In this collection are immense. I seen a land plot for alien worlds selling for $21,000 USD yesterday 1 NFT that's insane since this Dapp is free I cant stress how important it is to check Alien worlds out.

Rising Star

Not quite a outer space collection but the Name has star in it so lets just call it related
The market is up so no sales as of yet but this WAX collection now Whitelisted are the Rising star NFTs from the Hive game.
I have been holding on to the Rising Star NFTs I generate for free by playing the game. This makes the game progression easier but now I can use discord to send the cards I always felt where to low in value over to my WAX account where there are far fewer cards for sale giving me an ability to charge the slightly higher price.


Not at all related to space but Dcity has undergone some radical changes to the game play and design. Allowing for combination to produce new NFTs and so many changes ill never discover all of them.
So if you haven't checked into Dcity lately you may want to
I think this combination feature is new if this is a combination feature I smoke a lot of pot reality to me is head cannon, so I'm assuming this is really what I am seeing here.
If this is a radical improvement I'm extremely happy and plan on nerding out over all of this once I find time.

Trying to post but...

I will continue to try my best and post WAX Dapp explainers or NFTs unboxings like this daily for my fellow hive and weedcash users to benefit from. However with the end of the pandemic restrictions for certain jobs like construction I may be working some days to much to post. Due to the backlog of projects requiring smaller crews with a higher then average skillset IE historical landmarks and things of this nature. So time permitting ill post what projects I'm getting involved in NFT packs I'm opening collections or Dapps to check out ECT.

Single claim airdrop

I try to include a single claim airdrop URL for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. The lucky reader should receive 5 NFTs if you received less then 5 check your whitelist settings.
once claimed please let others know in comments it helps
If your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here. My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily


First thanks for the airdrop,

I was thinking about getting a mars pack but IDK seems like no real use case on them.
I got a few risingstar cards on atomic. I wish the process was auto to go back and forth, that or hive would partner up to build an easy protocol to send nfts back and forth and swap waxp.

I agree but a simple answer is better then none rising star at least came up with something, Hive seems to move slowly when integration is concerned splinterlands was pre Hive so they have the freedom to integrate themselves because it wasn't built utilizing hive engine and handle all of this themselves. So a simplistic work around works for now better then none.

the colonizing mars collection will likely flop but sometimes shit surprises me, like collect social wish I held on to that pack or bought more, April fool packs sell for $50 on a down market now close to $100

So many games, so little time lol. I have a DCity with about 100 citizens.

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I agree. I also only have like 100 something citizens and I haven't touched my city much as it is on auto-pilot.

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Aha lol. Small towns are much more pleasant to live in .

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I don't think I have minted any NFTs in the past few days and it also seems like there is a mass flagging campaign in Alien Worlds. Even the mods have gotten flagged by their script so try not to send tools or stake WAX to other accounts otherwise you will probably have to fill out a form and wait a few days to get unbanned.

I don't think I will touch packs but I did have to stake more WAX since they nerfed our CPUs.

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thanks for letting me know ill ease off i dont want to et banned I just figured out how it works

I think if you use atomic hub or alcor alone, there won't be any issues. I think they are only checking specifically for Alien Worlds TLM/WAX/NFTs.

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I've been thinking about using some Hive soon to buy more stuff for Alien Worlds... right now I only have the basic free set which is essentially useless. IDK tho, that game is weird. Not sure how much I want to deal with clicking that button and doing those CAPTCHAs

basic free set isn't that bad, Jus mine on an a tile with high NFT odds a shovel has a NFT luck % of 30 you can more then likely get a capacitor or Drill this way The mushroom Tile forest has the best odds for me right now

aight good to know, maybe i can get a drill that way