Morel Mushrooms infused with cannabis

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Making Marijuana edibles has always been a hobby, as has foraging for mushrooms and local plant life. Happened to have some cannabis butter sitting around and morel mushrooms did well this year. Since I'm always trying weird edibles like this (last one was smoked trout) I figured why not document it this time.

This post will contain an NFT airdrop after the recipe

Also morel mushrooms are not rare but can become very expensive due to the specific growing requirements due to this I'm assuming this is not a normal occurrence.

I'm going to do a brief explanation of what a morel mushroom is why they are expensive/rare. I also feel I should clarify that foraging for fungus can be extremely dangerous if not fatal if done by someone inexperienced.

What Are Morel Mushrooms?

Morel mushrooms, or just morels, are a highly desired ingredient among chefs and mushroom enthusiasts. The reason? They're only grown in the wild, unlike farmed mushrooms you'll find in the grocery store (crimini, portobello, oyster, etc.).

Although there have been efforts to cultivate morels, they're extremely difficult to farm, meaning they must be foraged and harvested from where they naturally grow. Morels are usually found in wooded areas throughout North America and Europe. Warm and wet conditions are best for growing morel mushrooms.

Morels vary greatly in size and appearance. Their shape can range from oblong to bulbous, and their color from blonde to gray. They are easy to distinguish by their exterior, which resembles a honeycomb. The inside of a morel is white and hollow.

Like many types of mushrooms, morels have doppelgängers — but they can be deadly. Beware of false morels, which includes a number of species that look similar but are actually poisonous. False morels are reddish-brown to yellow in color, with a cap that hangs to one side. They're also not hollow on the inside, like real morels. If you're foraging for morels, be sure to do so with an experienced guide.

(I'm not trying to offend anyone by restating this its for safety)

Morels are considered top-tier mushrooms, due to their depth and earthy, nutty flavor. They also have a meaty texture, unlike the more slimy texture of other mushroom varieties. For these reasons, even mushroom haters will enjoy morels.

Why so expensive?
So here's the catch when it comes to morel mushrooms: they're expensive. Really expensive. A pound of morels can cost upwards of $20. There's a few reasons for this:

They're hard to cultivate. But you already know this. For this reason they are mostly foraged from the wild, meaning your morels were hand-picked by someone who traveled a great distance to harvest them. Usually this is the case but I found the morels ill be using today In my yard near my koi pond though you cant cultivate morel mushrooms very easily. You can make conditions favorable for the spores to grow they like sugar rich soil in lower light level environments with high moisture levels.

I have used my cannabis growing skills and nutrients to treat a few areas in my yard with optimal conditions this year the mushrooms did well in my area and the conditions just right in my yard.

They have a short growing season. Morels are spring mushrooms that can be found between March and June, depending on climate, weather, and elevation.
They're highly perishable. Because morels are hollow, they don't hold up well in transport, so getting them to the market can be difficult.

Why try to make morel cannabis edibles?

Its due to the flavor that I even thought of making these into an edible cannabis butter when made from flower especially imparts some of the terpene profile from the strain in question. This butter was made using gorilla glue flower/small buds bottom branches. Giving the cannabutter a skunky sweet flavor falling almost into the savory flavor category.

The Morel mushroom also fall close to this category so the flavor should pair well together is my reason for attempting an edible like this.

Cannabis edibles are often made to cover the weed flavor and focus on potency, While traditionally cannabis is used predominantly in sweets often savory options are ignored.

This being said not always is this the case but its rare to come across at least here its almost unheard of in Michigan to find a dispensary with the focus on the terpene aspect of cannabis edibles.


I first clean the mushrooms in a salt bath and then cut and clean the morel mushrooms using a paper towel and knife.

Then I added the mushrooms to the cannabutter and then left them to soak on a food warmer for several hours stirring occasionally. At this point I added the spices namely mesquite smoke seasoning and blackening seasoning (dried Worcestershire) and salt.

The butter has a low burn temp and the vegetable oil has a high burn temp, This kind of trick works well with high moisture food its not good for my health but neither is tap water here so...

Then I add the 1 cup vegie oil to a pan and preheat the oil getting it to temp before adding The morel mushrooms is key as is using the oil in this case butter even when not making cannabis infused morel mushrooms. however olive oil is an ok substitute just not for cannabis and coconut oil would have been a lot of flavors to work with

Because the mushrooms is really tender/delicate you want a short cook time and this is better facilitated by butter or a low burn temp oil or breading.

about seven to ten minutes flipping frequently
Its actually kind of shocking how well the flavors work together the skunky citrus taste of the weed budder mixes great with the earthy savory tones of the mushroom.

I'm happy with how it turned out if I get another opportunity I would like to smoke these with fish (salmon or trout) and weed budder.

This was something new I have never heard of before and honestly I'm surprised it tastes great, I have seen something similar but not this exact recipe.

What I'm smoking

A mixture of the Gorilla cookie wedding cake hybrid, President OG, and Gorilla cookies however given the time I'm finalizing this post I'm not going to include photos today.

WAX and NFT business

As I have mentioned previously I'm back to work so I may not be posting as much but given a short day today and the fact I had the ingredients and was going to make edibles anyway I figured I would do a write up.

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hehehe, what an idea... ha

Thanks for the drop, That is an interesting combo. I have never tried those types of mushrooms but would love to. I have actually just. found a new love for mushrooms.

How is making your own NFTs going?

making my own NFTs is going okay I dont sell as many but I have to get my 3rd collection a bit larger before requesting a white listing again but I have been a little busy (noticed that 1st editions are sought after). Yeah Morels and weed budder actually a great combo morals have a distinct favor chanterelles taste similar but are a bit weaker in flavor.

There is a spot here at my work where Morel Mushrooms pop up every 2 years!

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yeah I found some on a jobsite to if you re gathering them to eat toss the water used t rinse them morels will regrow in the right temp in the shade done early in the season in the immediate area you find them in effectively grows them

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this exchange will take TLM racoon coins all the alt coins from WAX thought i would mention it if you have any

love it!

thanks! :)

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