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Exploring some WAX NFT Burn/Blend use cases today specifically Rplanet, Dark Country, and the new blend use case that launched today 😀 Rocker Mutants By R2 and EOS Amsterdam. And as always a NFT Airdrop and go over the weed I'm smoking today.


This service rivals Alien Worlds for value of NFTs exchanged or sold from their respective NFT collections daily. Not only this but like collect social its fairly cheap and simple to get started.

Users stake NFTs from various collections on WAX Rplanet has partnerships with.

The staking of these NFTs is instant and can be undone instantly so its a good idea to use this service if you flip NFTs and own a few devalued and listed.

Once staked users NFTs will generate them AETHER Rplanets site Crypto, AETHER is then used to purchase elements. This is the basis for blending different combinations will yield different results. I just tried it the first time before doing research and generated Trash literally the Game Item Trash by game item I mean the corresponding NFT can no longer be minted.

EVERY NFT in Game has to be Discovered for the first time after which the recipe is public however only 600 may be generated of any one NFT.
knowing the NFT recipe I meant to mint pressure

Still with me? No well I'm going to keep going anyway 🙂.

there is actually a Google doc that keeps track of every NFT recipe discovered staking revenue guide and it has helped me out considerably.
google docs
Now I am generating specific Game items to Blend for a NFT not yet entirely minted why no clue 🤔 sorta fun but its more it could be very lucrative to focus on.

However those whom are wanting immediate rewards for staking alcor handles trading just sign in with your WAX wallet used on Rplanet.

Dark Country

Another WAX Project showing promising staking options and sale numbers anything that stays in the top 10 for a week I keep an eye 👁 on.

So I went through the trouble of actually playing the game and even their Hero Blend use case on their site. Game is supposedly connected to the NFT collection and competitions daily determine NFTs won. I can't focus for 30 seconds this game is fun but drags on too long for me to focus its like 5 minutes a match. What was I droning on about? Oh Dark Country.

So since I can't focus needless to say I haven't gotten any NFTs from playing the game. However they do allow for staking and blending of their Hero NFT assets on site. So I blended a few costs about 80 WAX had I not bought packs which came with 3 Hero NFTs one of which paid for the pack due to the rarity/value. I unstaked the other 2 from Rplanet and purchased 2 more from the market.

Blending to increase rarity was a mistake I should have used the secondary option that allowed for upgrading a hero to allow for staking.

However the service is both cool looking and functions fairly well to boot they just recently announced their WAX land sale. I don't know why I always want digital NFT land but they really know how to sell me on dumb ideas. Seriously though they are connected to farming and mining of both their crypto and NFTS plus they already have a working game connected.

You can transfer the NFT cards to the game and they have announced a massive update next for the game I'm assuming it's related to the Land plots wow that sounds familiar (splinterlands). So unlike the other projects I will go over today I have not profited from them yet.

R2 Mutant Rockers

Anyone who pays attention to my nonsense probably knows about this project perhaps even invested in packs or cards. Today the month long wait is over R2 started their Blend use case today which will cause a rapid increase in the assets price point. I hope you held out the whole time short selling probably seemed like a good call a few times I watched the price its been all over the place.

However studying the sales of their other collections as well as knowledge about how they function made this crazy unlikely outcome a sure thing 👍.

Typically collections without secondary uses flash and sizzle R2 tends to play announcements close to the event in question. Outside the launch they had a small mention on their website and sent people on their mailing lists 2 days ago.

This is intentional letting their older collections get a little more time in the spotlight and secondary sales which generate them revenue. They ended cartombs blending yesterday and started their Rocker Mutants blending today.

Now like the other R2 and EOS Amsterdam projects on WAX the price will have a exponential price increase over the next month. Once the blending ends it gets a little squirrely for pricing to be called consistent.

However if you wait another week or 2 we should be at a price point of $50 a pack minimum. NFT prices of higher rarity will shoot up for a while with a potential decline as assets are burned.

Packs purchased for $10 - $15 dollars should be able to be reasonably
Sold for $50. The 30 card packs will likely be selling well over $100 started at $25 a month ago. The largest pack was $75 originally and will likely be near $500 a piece within a month.

There is a discernable pattern to all this convoluted nonsense but madness can be surprisingly orderly if you know what to look for. I witnessed a reoccurring pattern in a market 🤔 and decided to figure out why this would be happening.

These 2 companies appear to be very versed in the art of manipulating consumers psychology. This is why I was certain that they would act according to a formulaic plan for their collections from launch to burn.

Will I be able to call a sure thing again not likely for a while but if I have a lead I will try to share it on Hive.

Despite knowing its a bad financial move I utilized the burn combination system all the way through this collection it will end up costing me about $100 in lost revenue







Seeing all this coming in advance i had time to observe the market and buy assets that became much cheaper then they would later be. So the money lost showing everyone how it works is mostly future revenue. However this burn system could be profitable if utilized correctly. Due to the low number of assets required to upgrade rarity and the reward being 2 NFTS of a greater value and rarity for every 3 burned up until the last category that will be devalued the quickest.

So to profit in short term get to the epic or legendary category and sell there but the best bet was buying packs a month ago.

What I'm smoking

save ever mother f#cking roach trying to smoke save that money or in my case limit my interaction with others while quarantined. Waste not want not I never pitch weed I throw it into a container for a rainy day or the end of days which ever.

Smoke one for me today ill be smoking mystery shake the mystery is how much random other shit is in here with the weed so roaches are a safer bet but I probably have the plague so smoking dog fur wont be what kills me.

glass half full of baby blood what I'm saying is its morally complex

Free NFT airdrop URL

The single claim airdrop today has something special for the lucky reader that claims it I have included 3 Mutant rocker NFTs for the recipient to blend or sell.

either the assets gained from blending or the original 3 NFTs should be worth about 20-30 WAXP in the next few days.
once claimed please let other readers know in the comments it helps

If your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here. My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily

Other WAX projects to check out
Dark country a WAX dapp game like splinterlands a bit of a pain to sett up but this referral will give us both a pack of their NFTs upon completion of account set up. This is a fun game but you will need to download Itch to play the game but after that and the set up which I had to ditch Brave Browser for it to work the first time. The game is fairly fun think gothic diablo style card game based in a western theme so crocodiles and grizzly bears meets witches and zombies all armed to the teeth with colt revolvers and shotgun chainsaws.


Collect social an NFT collection Dapp that awards users both NFTs and WAX

burn one for me today

Unrelated but i have been using crypto tab browser to mine BTC from a phone farm setup having mined around $400 in BTC so far on their pro version right now its n sale again and worth every penny https://cryptobrowser.site/en/news/low-price-pro/
that is the news link but please consider using my referral they do have a free service but the purchase of the pro version on sale would be wise its a one time expenditure.
Total Earnings:
USD 374.580

Not that quick but I'm not trying to mine as much as possible its actually been very profitable for the initial $20 investment I use crypto tab to mine in the background and Brave if I want a internet browser their builds much better with brave but effective BTC mining on your phone and pc can be difficult to come by crypto tab works well with both.


awesome post 😎

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@chubb149! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @tonytrillions.

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What is your huge collection of nft

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about 2,000 different WAX NFTs like kogs, splinterlands, R2 assets, the list is nearly endless
also certain independent collections and NFTs I make myself

Wax is a great coin/ecosystem and still at a bargain in my opinion.
Thank you for the drop and great post.

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thanks for stopping by and checking it out

Hey @chubb149, here is a little bit of BEER from @tonytrillions for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Dark Country is fun

What is the APY on crafting using the RPlanet system? I might try it depending on how profitable it is.

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this link can give you estimated pricing and staking rewards in real time you can even use the calculation function to price crafting but I'm going to likely shoot for crafting undiscovered items. the inventor NFT for each can sell for thousands and they plan for gen 3 soon which should shoot up aether price.

It seems like too much of a hassle and the cheap NFTs were probably already all made. Each of them require like millions of Aether now to make a single one and I don't generate enough. I think I probably get about 30k Aether a day so I would have to buy off the market at the current prices.

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yeah but the invers is true to when someone discovers something new the market price spikes so if like me you generate 2,000 AETHER a day and check in on the market you could make a descent amount on hodling AETHER for resale when it spikes. When the new generation is introduced the spike lasts a while so like TLM its worth stockpiling given the popularity of the projects like Racoon coins are. Guestimating based on market sales of their NFTs being comparable to that of alien worlds and the focus of both projects being similar a binance integration is within the realm of possibility.