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This is a weekly project intended to promote weedcash and its users projects off chain. Including the prices of WEED WEEDM and WEEDMM, mostly promoted on crypto user sites like PublishOx, Torum anywhere people already use crypto. Both including the potential profits from joining this project and the types of posts our users are creating. The news about the changes to usage and the easier access to our community.

There seems to be some confusion as to why I'm doing this if it was for the money I would post literally anything else. Upvote dont upvote I cant figure out how to set the rewards to burn but ill work on it. Friday my posts are intended to give back i do use several hash tags but again its to attract new users one of which just joined and is featured this week. So far I have brought in 3 new users and a new one yet to post yesterday.


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The weed cash Clan I made and MOD
Weedcash Company I made sure was included before I made the clan


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This is not meant for me but to give back to weedcash check out the new improved


Wth! Why would someone say your doing this for the $? No offense to you or anybody, yeah it’s nice making a few cents here and there, and sometimes it’s even greater then that, but if an American wanted to blog here for a living, they would e better off getting a job at Walmart.

Keep doing what your doing.

tell me about it I though trolls didn't exist here tell last week, somebody with multiple accounts started down voting. In other news I happened to smoke enough pot to hit clarity again (spooky) & I remembered the job I had before corona virus concrete might be useful for weedcash merch. Stamping and dying side walks or in this case pavers or ornamental Rocks. They can be made light weight are cheap to make + strong. Like a WEED cash ornamental stone for your grow not something you would want to retail but might be good for limited production as a competition reward since your competitions include grow challenges any way. Its something cheap for me to do and would be a way for me to give back to weedcash just a thought, but it wouldn't take long to do a prototype I have everything needed already on hand.

Yeah I’m down!

And yes there are trolls here. Some feed on it, others are just unstable.

cool ill make up a prototype you can google stamping to see the depth ill do the first w/o dye because its easier I intend to seal them so as to not leech out any ow the concreate chemicals slowly as the non agricultural concrete does (like a sidewalk) water ways Damns and Barns Use porcelain to keep this from happening but that stuff can cause chemical burns so I thought of sealing it like you would with a sink countertop ect .