Cannabis Crop NFT or Crypto/ Cronic Cards and Dcity Build update

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Could a Cryptocurrency or NFT be made that would represent a growing Marijuana plant. This is a question that popped into my head while I was Making NFTs

I know that what I am about to describe is full of technical issues with the blockchain mechanics, but at least this will be fun to laugh at .


Jucyfeilds is a plant investing service, this already exists however it's not based on cryptocurrency blockchain ledger. You can pay in crypto but you are effectively purchasing a contract that stiplates you invest in their cannabis crops for a harvest cycle or longer being paid any revenue from the plants you invest in. While this is a great concept and service, I thought I should needlessly complicate this for no reason.

So my Highdea is using a similar model via a interface reminiscent of a game which has NFTs tied to a real cannabis plant 🤔. This means that you are investing long term waiting for the plant(s) to be harvested and sold. The NFT is a odd idea it's a asset that would have to be burned to sell after harvest. Using something like either a average of a crops potential profits for a model of base investment price that will allow for a sustainable market for both growers and investors.

I think that they have the correct concept over at juicyfields just a little to much for an entry investing price $60. If you where to reduce the price by piecing out individual plant's and allowing for large investments. Integrate with a community market like KOGs and use a similar investment model. This could potentially be a descent idea, however I have been smoking pot for the last few decades and am not sure if I could even understand the actual programming and design needed for a enterprise like this. Let alone the real world equivalent plant production and its integration between both the production facilities and (blockchain game or asset).


Hemp Coin (THC) would be another project that utilized the stock market for marijuana business and their value to back its crypto. This is why I think that my idea is not great, however times are changing WEED is no POT coin it is a real cryptocurrency not a bad imitation but innovation. JuicyFields is starting to expand their business. Cannabis industry is finally becoming stable enough to invest in ( dont use Stash ). Its loaded with fees and most stock trading apps dont have those fees but list the cannabis companies.


I made it to the metaphorical mountain top I finally have a stack of 10 WEED farms on my Dcity build.
Now I have to work on Breweries & dispensaries Dcity is another great example of Hive-Engine Cross asset and Front end integration, Truly a wonder to behold.


I know not Cannabis but this is one of the staking assets on WAX wallet, the only reason I'm mentioning KOGS is other then their detailed Build of an NFT asset with staking & combining of Staked KOGS. is KOG packs are currently on sale, Along with splinterlands Land Plots on I got two Emails from both Gold Foil press (splinterlands) & the KOGs news letter.

Along with my own croniccards1 Hash packs there are three sales going on over at

Cronic Cards


My own NFT line Cronic Cards for those who are unaware, available of WAX wallet markets. As I get further in to the series one minting ill do another air drop like I did for launch. Today I introduced my 3rd Cannabis Cronic Card Chocolate Mint OG.
I sold quite a few yesterday but the two sales from larger companies I can see why I'm getting less sales than usual today that and WAX price has significantly increased
I Literally have 100s of Different NFTs on sale now both original and bigger names like KOGS and Splinterlands.
Here's my account with the listings
Today more Kratom Tea
As well as royal gorilla its just such a good strain think its a new favorite