Hey Everyone, What Have I Missed? And What I’ve Been Up To.


Hey there everyone, this is where I am now. Southern Humboldt, California. This is a licensed one acre farm deep in the mountains outside Garberville.

So much has happened in the past few months. For me, and for steem it seems. Maybe someone can catch me up on what I need to know.


We left Mexico at the end of February, with expired visas, expired vehicle permit, and expired passports, to drive up here and take this job. We passed right through multiple state, federal, and military check points, and even the US border without a second glance.

Miracles abound it seems, all charges in Hawaii were dropped. We found out at 4am on the morning we had to leave Mexico to come and accept this job.


We are lead growers here, and are growing Skywalker OG, Gelato 41 and Motor Breath in our first round of deps.


The current “health crisis” hasn’t effected us much here other than having a bit of trouble sourcing our clones.

I’m very busy here but I will hopefully be more active again now, once I get this new hive stuff figured out.


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Hey sister @choisefeeedom, welcome to Hive. Connecting with you due to a comment made by barge.

I lived in Mexico (Mazunte and Puerto Escondido) for eight years. Now in Bulgaria.



I’ve been back in the states for about six months. I miss Mexico. I never made it down to Puerto Escondido, though I would like to. I was in Nayarit, north of PV.

How do you like Bulgaria? My boss here at the cannabis farm where I work is from Bulgaria.

How is Barge?

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I was in Puerto Vallarta for a week for an MMS training, staying with a friend in Nayarit, in 2012.

Bulgaria is beautiful and very inexpensive to live. I live in the countryside and rarely go to town so am not troubled by the Covid crap hardly.

Barge, I don't really know him well but connected after reading posts/comments a few months baxk. Seems like a great guy.

Peace and Love to you.

Hi! Happy to see you around. A lot has happened indeed. Canna-Curate is still doing the same, but we have decided we won’t leave Steem so easily. We have opened a Witness node, and are trying to get 22.888 reversed, and keeping cannabis alive on Steem. Just the thought of no cannabis there is a depressing thought.

Hey Jon, I’ll vote for your witness asap. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. So I posted from weedcash and it went to hive, does it go to the steem blockchain too? Is hive it’s own blockchain?

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Posting from Weedcash it goes to Hive. Hive is its own block chain. But lots of great things are happening. Stop by our server sometime, we have GHRO back, and its kicking! Steem, Hive, Smoke, Instagram, it don't matter, we are all here having a great time, doing things on our terms. RESPECT

I may have to reevaluate my stance on steem if you're planning on staying there for the cannabis community. I was going to cash out all of my steem and trade it for hive, but perhaps I should put the delegations back for your curation account.

Whatever your choice is, you have our support. Thank you for saying that, it is nice to hear.

Which account would you prefer that I delegate to?

canna-curate is what we do all manual curation on, :)

Welcome back, and welcome to Hive.

Let's hope Hive lasts.

Welcome to HIVE..

Awesome growing setup! I'm glad to see that things have worked out for you in a positive way!

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Nice to see you're back and already learned about Hive. I think many of the old users will be trapped in Steem out of ignorance and lack of attention. 😄

Or there staying because they don’t give up so easily.

Nice job you found there... and being in the mountains now is priceless...

Thank you, I certainly think it’s great. Yes, being out here is completely tranquil and as normal as can be. I’m so grateful.

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Good :)
you're @ the right place @ the right time :D

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Thank you 🙏

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