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Music Gaming addiction in full force

I started exactly seven days ago and bought already several card packs and reached level 10 - not sure if good enough but it is fun to play - clicking my way through all the missions all day. What I really like are all the updates, new cards and the engagement of the team according to ideas, questions and the future of the Game.

Given I run the music community on Hive and am Gaming addict here (just saying Splinterlands) this is of course a must for me - thanks for creating this @risingstargame.

My stats below

I might not jump upwards as fast as others but focus on developing a bit of solid fanbase and skill set - fingers crossed for all players out there. Looking forward to the first band gigs!

Screen Shot 20200726 at 20.15.40.png

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Check the Music Community on Hive - join here

Music community


That's a lot of fans! You have good skill and luck, so should do well. I am almost on level 13 now, Did you get your free pack at 100 missions? It would be cool to get more of the music community involves in the game. They should talk to @atomcollector if they have ideas for it.

Yes got my 100 mission free pack - I will post more about the game in the music community and check via direct message - soon Beta is a good timing to do so. Thanks RisingStar Daddy :-)

Always open to suggestions!

I have seen you lurking around on Rising Star, I'm just on 15 now so doing the support act for the big lads. It's a 2hr mission so one to go to bed on.

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