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One of the great things about Rising Star is that is not just based around music, but it also supports musicians.. We can have our music featured on the in-game radio. Musicians can be represented their own card, of which they get given one. The latest feature takes this a big step further. You may have been hearing about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These are basically like an owner's certificate for some digital content that is stored on a blockchain.The game cards are examples of this. Now you can get them for actual music in the game.


That one in the middle of the second row is mine!

Artists have to pay a fee that will go towards paying people who 'stake' against the track. See the tutorial. You get 25 music NFTs that you can sell at whatever price you want. Around 20k Starbits or 5 HIVE seems a popular price.

The 'records' count as unique cards that affect your ranking in the game. I have sold a few, but also bought most of the others. I hope to see lots more musicians get into this. I have always said that I want to buy stuff with what I make on the Hive ecosystem and preferably without having to convert to fiat. I think this is a significant step in that direction.

As for playing the game I am still doing well. I am 12th in the rankings, but 3rd by number of unique cards thanks to buying songs and crafting. There should be some new cards issued to start next month, so I am saving up for more packs. Most of what I make gets re-invested in the game.

So why not play? It costs nothing to start. Be sure to check out the community on discord.

Rock on!


I was playing around and listened to a few of the songs the other day. Looks like some more are being added. So out of curiosity, do you as the creator get a piece of the resales too? That is a really interesting feature in NFTs.

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If someone re-sells a track then I don't expect to get anything. I guess there's a chance the value could go up. Other systems may send something back to the creator. It's up to the game developer if he wants to do that, but it is just one guy.

Good point! I must admit that I hadn't thought about that. If the market really picks up then it is something I will look at but at the moment I don't anticipate the resale market being very active.

Thanks for your thoughts!





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How cool is this feature. So chuffed for you guys. Do you only get 25 nfts, I saw supply was set to 99999 so figured more will be issued.

The numbers for cards vary a lot, but these NFTs are limited editions. You can always put up another track. If people really want my music it is free on Bandcamp. They can pay if they like.

I definitely wanted to buy one of each of these records but thought I would wait for the next round to be issued I will have to get my ass in gear then. I'd like to support you if I stuck enough coins before they are sold out!

If you are a little short, buzz me on Discord and I can do a special rate :)

Musicians can request more if they want which is why it is set to unlimited.

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I wondered what these were when I saw them. I don't spend too much time on the Discord, so I am not always up to date with the changes and different things that are happening in the game. Did they add one of your albums or is that coming in the future?

It's just single tracks for now. Maybe albums will be a future feature.

Technically the code would already allow albums to be added although I haven't tested this. The only limitation I can see is the size of the audio file for streaming.

I guess it has to be clear what people are getting for their money. I'm okay with singles for now. It is a great addition.

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