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I have now been playing Rising Star for a fair while and have built a nice collection of cards. I just bought the legendary Private Jet card after saving up my Hive earnings. There will only be 75 of these, so maybe the price will go up. Most of my cards have come from packs, but I having been buying the odd one to fill holes in my collection. With the recent addition of the daily reward pool you can benefit by having more unique cards. It will soon be possible to 'craft' instrument cards by collecting parts.

Meanwhile, I had realised that I actually own real versions of many of the game instruments and just put a gallery together.


The guitar was not actually that cheap as I had it custom made for me by Benford Guitars. The 'banjo' is actually a banjolele, but close enough. My jingle bells come out at Christmas, but I have not played my keyboard much lately. My hand condition makes it hard to play now.

More instruments

My daughter has used the bass and I have played it on some old recordings. I need to get back into it. The acoustic gets dragged out at times, especially if there is risk of damage and I want to preserve my nice Taylor. The 'pro' mic is not too exotic. It is an MXR 990 condenser. The other one was pretty cheap, but does okay. I have thought of investing in a decent Shure microphone.

Soap star

This last one is a bit of a cheat. I was given this microphone 'soap on a rope' for Christmas. The actual Unidyne dates back eighty years, but is still available.

UPDATE: I realised I ought to include the one thing I have that nobody else will is myself!


I have quite a few other instruments, many of which do get played. Musicians just tend to collect them. Most of mine are not too expensive. Maybe some day my cards will be worth than the more real things.

I can recommend Rising Star as a fun little game. You just have to kick off missions now and then, but som strategy in involved in choosing which to do for maximum rewards and to preserve your energy whilst not getting too much 'ego'. Developer @atomcollector is working on various new features. The community is great too with lots of musicians involved.

Rock on!


What an awesome post Steve! I can't believe how many instruments you have that are so close to the card images!

I know what you mean about the Taylor. I have one too and it is my favourite instrument! I used to struggle with the action on acoustics until I got it and it completely changed my life!

Rock on! \m/

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Just added another thing I have, which is me!

I could have done djembe for congas or cajon. Not got daughter's violin at home right now. Maybe someone will come up having more.


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wow you have your own card, i envy you ^o^

I was awarded it for helping out.

you will be proud of that. Nice done ^^

I could do the same thing someday. I have the real instruments, but not the virtual ones yet. I just recently started playing the game (I play as @scootermcd) and haven't put much Hive into it yet. I'm working on getting up to a level that I can withdraw the starbits and whatnot. It's an interesting game, though. I like that I can just quickly check in, start a mission, and come back later to see how it went. That's how it goes during the workday, anyway.

I do not have a banjo, but I would love to get one someday.

I have sent you a couple of instruments to boost your collection. I cannot play actual banjo as mine is just strummed like a ukelele. It is not great for staying in tune.

Have fun.

Funny. :)
Would have liked to see your face, when you realized that the card collection resembled your real life collection!

I guess I should have shown myself next to the card with me on it! Didn't think of that. It had struck me that I had a few of the instruments a while back.

Great gallery!

I have recently started on Rising Star. Still learning the basics, but having a lot of fun already!

The fact that is music themed is what got me in the first place.

For the moment I have more instruments in real life than cards in game, but let's see how things go.

Yay! 🤗
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