Rising Star: The Ego Problem

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I was chugging along nice with Rising Star until the Ego hit. I guess it is my own fault for getting too skilled.


One can still busk the streets with skill; the problem is too many drunks get to see you, you draw in a crowd and they become your fans (for a while).


The best quick mission within Rising Star is Illegal Busking. It lasts 5 minutes, generates a good return of experience vs time and only drains 15% of your power.

What’s not to like about it?


When 90 drunks at a time start being your temporary fans for the next 12 hours, that fan base can easily break 1000 and then the dreaded Ego meter appears restricting your Starbits earned per- mission.


If you don’t know what the hell I am talking about then connect to Rising Star, the game that will raise you from a lowly busker in the streets to a superstar.

It is only in Alpha phase, takes little of your time, and has proven to be very addictive.


The above scenario may be deliberate, and method to slow down the play. I am at level 23 and about to perform the 'Saturday Headline' gig which will take me on to the next map.


I am also being forced to take Singing Lessons as this is the only way to raise my Skill, in an attempt to surpass my Fans.


There are a few cards that raise skill such as SkillBoost and but they don’t come cheap.


The Songwriter is the only card I see so far that raises just skill and not fans.


Raising fans, is not a problem after Level 10 or so, just grab a vehicle, the flashier it is, the more fans you get.

So are Fans bad? No, they represent the number of Starbits (the game currency) you gain per-mission. It is a delicate balance of Skill vs Fans.

Just expect to be forced into some lessons. They cost in terms of a drain on your power bar and time. A singing lesson will take an hour.


If you get too many cars, trucks and vans then put them on the marketplace at 400000 HIVE each. Nobody will buy them, and your Fan count will then be reduced as they are technically not in your inventory.

It’s not perfect but it works!

I feel there should be a few more cards that give skill, besides The Songwriter. I think that the recluse lady is going to be a popular card.

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I see the game already suggests putting cards on the market if you have too many fans, so it has been thought about. I am no expert on game mechanics, but I can see there have to be counterbalances to slow people down a bit or they would just blast through the game. Even buying cards may not help if they add to the ego problem. Itis still in alpha, so the variables could be adjusted. We are the guinea pigs who get to shake it down. We have an opportunity to acquire cards that may be hard to get later.

I'm biting the bullet and getting to Lvl25, which brings Piano lessons. I have had a couple of bad Singing lessons with around 18 skill added or so. I bought a 100XP boost, it makes a big difference.

I've done one lesson so far, but not got enough fans to worry. Should get to level 20 this week.

Thank God you started explaining this halfway through. I was uber baffled!!!!

It's a plot to draw you in, the technicalities of the not so newbie player anymore!

You make me feel like a drug dealer! 😂

Haha, they read, they don't understand.. then it clicks!.. all part of the game :)

I am no where close to that stage, but I ain't looking forwars to it xD

Just like in real life, cars and automobiles are a liability!

True! They are :D

90 drunks... seems impressive to me lol! Honestly, I had no idea this app even existed haha!!! and for a moment there, I was on @meesterboom's page :D If I had even a moment to explore shit like this I would!!! !tip

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Nobody watches my busking besides drunks hehe.. and now lots of them, too many!

So many eyes!!!! - Makes me think of... NO!!!! why did I just DO that to myself!!! lol... and on that note, you HAVE to go back to that house and install a CAM hahahahaha!!!

We probably do need a few more cards with more skill than fans as you say. Will look to add some in the future.


I guess Illegal Busking is off the cards once your Skill gets too high. Doing the longer quests I will have less chance to get the drunks on me? I have had to put Modern Female Punk, a great card.., on the marketplace due to the excessive drunks issue.

Busking through level 17 at the moment so the ego problem is right around the corner.

I need more pizza boxes that is clear to me but the market hardly has any. Then you can steer these long missions before sleeping and those kinds of thing.

Good tips though! Busking on!

There is one on sale for DEC, + you should consider a Cold Pizza Slice. They are great for topping up, doing a big quest, and then crashing. There is a slice for sale at 1.5HIVE. A lot cheaper than I paid for mine

yeah but the slice is only for the short time value and the boxes are good keepers at all times. We need more boxes! But I also like my DEC especially as #splinterlands will be coming out with some new cards replacing orbs. So also saving up for that a bit

You can use slices every 24hrs, they keep coming back and are not one time uses. I have a few.

ahaaaa I didnt know that! See that is a golden tip!

With 2 Pizza Boxes, 2 Coffee Cups, and 3 Cold Slices you can keep going forever.

Clearly I am over spending! Trying this again lol.... !tip

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Damn - Ego issue here as well!!!

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