Rising Star: Buy a Raven or Buy Boosters?

in Rising Star Game2 months ago (edited)

Yesterday I put some feelers out to the community to buy a 'Raven' card and was offering 200 HIVE.

If you don't play Rising Star you may be shocked that an NFT is worth this much. This is not the most expensive card but I deem it to be one of the 'big three', the other's being 'Trenton Lundy’ and the big one..., ‘John’.

...'there's only 34 Raven's in existence. Only 150 will ever be issued. I already own two of them'...

Nobody was willing to sell me a Raven at 200 HIVE though I was offered one for 275. This wouldn't be the first Raven I have bought, my other one also cost me 200 HIVE.

Inflation has arrived on Rising Star. Fuck it, I thought.., I will buy 200 HIVE worth of packs and see if I can get a Raven or close to the value of this one card.

You can buy 23 packs of Rising Star Boosters for 100 HIVE, so I cracked 23 yesterday and 23 today.

This is the analysis of the contents.

Target - (Raven) 7500/7500 (Skill / Fans)

250 / 50 slobberchops got R4 Female Rapper, Coffee Cup, SkillBoost1
250 / 550 slobberchops got R10 Touring Coach, Coffee Cup, XPBoost10
250 / 550 slobberchops got R7 Vintage Synth, FanBoost1, i5 Cheap Mic
250 / 850 slobberchops got R11 Range Rover, SkillBoost1, SkillBoost1
250 / 850 slobberchops got R12 808 Drum Machine, Can Of Petrol, SkillBoost1
250 / 850 slobberchops got E1, i3 Cheap Keyboard, Risky Whiskey
250 / 1850 slobberchops got E2, FanBoost10, FanBoost1
500 / 1850 slobberchops got R5 Male Rapper, Pizza Box, XPBoost50
750 / 1850 slobberchops got R5 Male Rapper, i5 Cheap Mic, Can Of Petrol
800 / 1850 slobberchops got R9 The Songwriter, FanBoost5, i3 Cheap Keyboard
800 / 2350 slobberchops got R10 Touring Coach, i14 Cheap Sax, i1 Cheap Guitar
825 / 2350 slobberchops got R14 Cowbell, i1 Cheap Guitar, 11 Record Producer
825 / 2350 slobberchops got R14 Cowbell, i14 Cheap Sax, FanBoost10
825 / 2850 slobberchops got R10 Touring Coach, i14 Cheap Sax, i9 Cheap Decks
825 / 2350 slobberchops got R6 Congas, FanBoost1, 7
825 / 2350 slobberchops got R15 Retro Groovebox, SkillBoost1, i2 Cheap Drum Kit
1325 / 3350 slobberchops got E5 Headbanging Singer, FanBoost1, FanBoost50
1325 / 3650 slobberchops got R11 Range Rover, Pizza Box, FanBoost1
1575 / 3700 slobberchops got R5 Male Rapper, i4 Cheap Bass, 11 Record Producer
1625 / 3700 slobberchops got R9 The Songwriter, First Rehearsal Room, i3 Cheap Keyboard
1625 / 3700 slobberchops got R15 Retro Groovebox, SkillBoost1, i16 Cheap Cello
1625 / 3700 slobberchops got R14 Cowbell, SkillBoost1, FanBoost1
1625 / 3700 slobberchops gotR7 Vintage Synth, i16 Cheap Cello, FanBoost1

The tally was 1625 Skill / 3700 Fans. Not close to what a Raven gives me. Hopefully, the next lot of boosters would be better.

I got two Epic cards, and one of them an instrument. Headbanging Singer is the best of the Epic people cards and was my best pull.

...'Headbanging Singer was the best pick, I am not a great fan of instrument cards, whatever their rarity'...

1650 / 3700 slobberchops got R12 808 Drum Machine, 11 Record Producer, i4 Cheap Bass
1625 / 4200 slobberchops got R10 Touring Coach, Coffee Cup, FanBoost1
1700 / 4325 slobberchops got R8 Lead Guitarist, FanBoost50, i2 Cheap Drum Kit
1700 / 4325 slobberchops got R12 808 Drum Machine, i12 RS-303 Bass Line, SkillBoost1
1925 / 4375 slobberchops got R4 Female Rapper, FanBoost1, 8
1925 / 4375 slobberchops got R6 Congas, i15 Cheap Trumpet, FanBoost1
2175 / 4435 slobberchops got R4 Female Rapper, 9 Dodgy Manager, i1 Cheap Guitar
2275 / 4585 slobberchops got R2, 8, FanBoost1
2450 / 4785 slobberchops got R3 Mod, i1 Cheap Guitar, R8 Lead Guitarist
2450 / 9785 slobberchops got L3 Pink Limo, Pizza Box, XPBoost10
2450 / 9805 slobberchops got R13 Pro Studio Mic, 12 The Ego, FanBoost5
2450 / 9805 slobberchops got R12 808 Drum Machine, i16 Cheap Cello, i4 Cheap Bass
2450 / 9805 slobberchops got R7 Vintage Synth, SkillBoost1, i12 RS-303 Bass Line
2725 / 10305 slobberchops got E8 Pop Diva, FanBoost50, 11 Record Producer
2725 / 10305 slobberchops got R7 Vintage Synth, Can Of Petrol, SkillBoost1
2725 / 10605 slobberchops got R11 Range Rover, 6, FanBoost1
2725 / 10605 slobberchops got R15 Retro Groovebox, SkillBoost1, FanBoost1
2725 / 11105 slobberchops got R10 Touring Coach, i4 Cheap Bass, FanBoost1
2725 / 11105 slobberchops got R15 Retro Groovebox, i3 Cheap Keyboard, i1 Cheap Guitar
2725 / 11105 slobberchops got R14 Cowbell, i15 Cheap Trumpet, XPBoost10
2825 / 11255 slobberchops got R2, i12 RS-303 Bass Line, FanBoost1
2825 / 11255 slobberchops got R14 Cowbell, SkillBoost1, i12 RS-303 Bass Line
2925 / 11315 slobberchops got R3 Mod, SkillBoost1, SkillBoost1

That’s a combined 2925 Skill and a whopping 11315 Fans. Great for fans, but woefully short of the 7500 skill I was looking for.

Combined I got 14240 total, just a fraction short of the 15000 Raven would give me.

...'Having either of these will make your head swell, I will need lots of lessons to correct it, or maybe a lump hammer might do the trick?...

All those fans are going to be a problem for my ego but can be fixed over time with music lessons.

All in all, I can’t complain. The Pink Limo helped a lot in the second bunch and I have not counted any of the other cards.

In there is a lot of 'Luck' cards, cards that will increase my learning skills in Guitar, Piano, and Drums and skill booster cards, which I can easily sell.

...'essentials for the budding rock star, and very fluid on the marketplace'...

Pizza boxes are extremely liquid on the 'used marketplace' and the Cold Slice sold extremely quickly for just short of 5 HIVE.

Do I regret buying these 46 packs? While they are not as good as a single 'Raven' card, with all the extras such as I mentioned above, I feel I did OK.

Opening packs also gives you a buzz feeling, and also a groan seeing yet another Vintage Synth.

No regrets, but you need at least ONE non-instrument Legend to make it worthwhile.

Take your chances or don’t.


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How is your Ego looking now with all of those fans?

Bad mate, want to buy a Pink Limo for 100,000 HIVE? My top earning rating went up by 5 after I placed it on sale. Ego is still high at 21%. I'll be emptying all the drunks out just before I crash!

Haha no thanks xD

21% is not that bad. Mine is at 25% right now and thats all from Drunks throughout the day x)

So when I start tomorrow, I will have 0% its weird haha xD

Mine never goes to 0% now..., I remember the days before my head got too big!

It the glory days for sure!

You can also say some shit in the media which will turn some fans against you 8D "skills" xD

I put a load of vehicles on sale, all my epics, and it has made a difference. If I can stop the urge from buying.. then over the coming days with lessons, they can come off sale one at a time and the Starbits will increase... that's the plan!

Okay cool! Thats a good plan, its only time consuming but it will pay off down the road :p

I have bought a lot of your cards! I like shopping at your store you have awesome sales and clearance racks :)

Do you have a secret stash of your own card you can sell me hehe....?

haha! sorry I don't :)

I did buy some Hive today, but spent it on Splinterlands. Maybe I should have bought some RS packs too. I am trying not to get too sucked into that as I want to power up as much as possible. Maybe I will use some of my liquid earnings soon.

I am trying not to get too sucked into that

Well done for resisting, I am struggling to cash out some of the earnings, but all this weekend I won't be getting any more packs. The buy orders have gone down now luke's massive order has been filled.

I have placed almost my entire fleet of vehicles on sale at 100,000 HIVE each if you are interested. The Ego was madness, it's at 1% now.

I need to buy a few other things for now, but I could do with more fans to speed things up. Maybe this week's Blurt can be spent on the game.

Just realised what you were selling those vehicles for! Good luck on finding buyers on your way to whale. There's a glut of vehicles on the market, so there may be better deals.

Vehicles are good, and I could ramp up my SB earnings but combining them with lessons and taking them off the market one by one.

I will probably do another lesson today. Got over 400 skill from the last one, but was getting loads of drunks. Up to level 107.

Get 25 Risky Whiskey's and you can control all the drunks!

It's not too bad. Will do more lessons to keep it that way. Just trying to make some progress.

Ahhh i get your buzzz dude. This sounds like SL to me. Too bad of not drawing the juicy ones dude!!

I remember you going nuts on those Orbs, you will be next!

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I don't think I have gotten any cards yet. I thought about buying some, but I am not sure how much I want to invest into the game yet. I may just want to wait it out and see if I get lucky.

Be careful, the game is hideously addictive. Many cards will have caps on them soon making them limited editions, much like SPL Alpha's, but with a much smaller print run. Has it got legs? I don't know.. but the big boys are starting to move in.

Hehe, it doesn't matter what game it is there is always a huge buzz opening many packs. I suspect you are hooked!

Yes, you could say that.., opening far too many virtual boosters. No more.. NO MORE!

No more!!!

till the next time!!

LOL,, not gonna happen!

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