Rising Star: Anatomy of the Booster Pack

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So many games and we have so little time to play them. What if you have a game that only needs to you click a button every FIVE minutes?

Better still you can earn something. For those who work from home due to this virus (like me), Rising Star is great.


I can do my work, keep the speaker on, and when I hear the drunks saying, 'that dude is pretty good huh huh', then I know it's time to hit that button again.

It’s not as simple as that, but one could take it just like this and be ruthless. I love music and so was instantly attracted to the game when @steevc mentioned it to me.


...'the Rising Star Discord Channel is very active and gives you a LOT of information'...

Being run by a fellow Brit (@atomcollector) helps, and yes I am a biased bastard. I understand his humour and running Discord alongside the game keeps you in touch with what's going on.

There have been countless posts about Rising Star so I will try and tell you things the other posts do not.


The Boosters

They cost 10,000 StarBits, 5 HIVE or you can buy them with PayPal at a cost of 10 packs for $25.

You get THREE cards and it’s a real lottery on what you can get. One card will be Rare or better and that is the important one.

If you want to progress in the game, you need Skill, Luck, and Fans. Whatever drops will help you to begin with.


...'opening a pack is always a buzz. John is the card everyone wants'...


...'no John today, but I have just pulled the very last Classic Punk to ever been issued. Yes, I know it's Sid...'...

Luck helps you with random drops such as Pizza (very important) and Coffee (important).

If you want to click that 5 Minute button ALL day and keep getting StarBits, then your Energy bar needs to keep getting filled.

More Luck means more Pizza and Coffee.

Fans are very important to the new player. There are many other quests besides the 5-minute one that helps you progress through the game, and you will need many fans for these.


...'Vehicles give you fans, sometimes too many fans!'...

Vehicles provide fans and having one early will help you out tremendously.

Skill is provided by people. Most rare people give you fans AND skill. Rare people are sought after cards and if you pull one you are doing well, regardless of which one it is.


...'if you pull any of these in your Rare slot you are doing well. They are all useful. The Rappers are the best'...

Rare people can be found on the marketplace, but the cheap ones get snapped up fast. Any of them will help you.

Epic and Legendary cards are extremely sought after. Nobody sells the damn things because if you pull one, you WILL be using it!


...'the Epic People are great, the Legendary ones, outrageously good!'...

Legendary People are the pinnacle of pulls. Any of these will propel your StarBits earnings into the stratosphere.

Legendary Vehicles to the new player are a massive liability and will make your Ego so big it will impact your StarBits earnings. There are ways to get around this little problem.


You need to have a lot of skill to handle a Red Lambo, such as the one I have (Yeah I have a lot of skill!).

Legendary Instruments can give you lots of Luck but in my mind are the worst of them. But to a new player, a Legendary Instrument would be fantastic providing much Pizza and Coffee.


The Common Cards

The pack will give you TWO commons, and these are a lucky dip as much as the rare slot card.


Any instrument with ‘Cheap' is great unless you already own it. After that, you will be groaning whenever you receive one.


The only Common Vehicles are the ones listed here, and trust me they don’t drop too often. You will need at least one vehicle to progress through the various quests later


As with the rare cards, People (in my opinion) are the best commons besides the booster cards (I will come to these shortly).

When you get into Tier 3 (which is not easy), and form a band, the different people you have within the band create a different sound.

Common People don’t drop so often, and I have not managed to gather one of each yet.

Some cards have very limited print runs (such as Skater and Classic Punk) and are almost out of print (are now BOTH out of print).

Booster cards are probably the best common cards you can pull. The Pizza box and Coffee Cup are essential items to have if you want to continue your quest to stardom all day (like I do).

...'some of the best common drops are booster drops'...

Cold Pizza Slices area also essential as that re-fill every 24-hours, completely filling your Energy bar allowing you to continue playing.

XP Boosts allow you to level more quickly opening up quests and the other Tiers of the game. They are important for the new player.


Can I make money from Rising Star?

I was in two minds whether to post this information or not. I do, as I don’t re-invest all my StarBits into booster packs.

As a new player, it will take you some time to gather enough StarBits for even one booster pack. It's a free game, so what do you expect?


I won't disclose figures but it makes me want to keep playing, not just for the ROI, but because I love the theme of the game and it's unique flavour.


Looking cynically at things, it’s the best earning game I have ever seen on HIVE. I will say no more.


The Legendary People

As I mentioned before, these are the premium cards, rarely drop but they make a LOT of difference.


I have ONE Trenton Lundy and TWO Raven's. I bought one of the Raven's for 200 HIVE, the other cards dropped in packs. I was lucky.

As it stands, I am quickly pulling back my investment and it won’t be long before I break even again.


The Development of Rising Star

It concerns me that many more people are starting to play the game and that it struggles to keep up with the demand.

A new server has been mentioned, and it can't come quick enough.


...'Rising Star is not an attractive looking game, but it sure is additive'...

I am excited to see the game develop into Beta with new cards and an overhaul to the graphic display which frankly is basic.

Developers are generally bad designers, and @atomcollector will likely admit this. I am a programmer and am also dreadful at design work.


Some Further Thoughts

I don’t want to plug Rising Star as some kind of game HIVE money system. It has LOADS of potential, is still in Alpha and I have been informed there are many more cards incoming soon.


What makes it unique is the cards are REAL people. Both Trenton Lundy and Raven are musicians, have HIVE accounts, and play Rising Star.


I have looked both of these musicians up and have been giving them a few votes when they post their original songs, which are also incorporated into Rising Star.

Soon we will have more HIVE musicians with their own cards. Talk about an Ego boost!

Rising Star is a HIVE based blockchain game where you can EARN while you PLAY.


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Nice post!

Still being new to the game I don't have any legendaries or epics yet, but I do have 2 of those classic punks from buying a 10 pack of boosters, as well as a few other handy cards. Those packs have really enhanced my progress, almost ready to do the last mission in the first tier now.

It helps if you are a music lover (like me). I don't know what it is, but this game has something and keeps pulling me back. The fact that some cards are already OOP (Sid and Skater), creates that demand.

People want what they can't get, and may be willing to pay for it.

Congrats on your two 'Sids!', I pulled the last one while writing this and used my pull in the post as an example. I will be keeping an eye on the market-stream to see if anyone is willing to buy these at some inflated price.


There were a couple of Lead Guitarists for sale yesterday, I expect them to disappear soon. The Mods (one of the better people) have all been sold.

I have a lead guitarist and 2 mods as well - like I say, no legendary or epic yet but useful cards nonetheless. 3 pizza boxes has also improved things a ton for me. I'll hold on to my extras for now I think, see what happens down the line.

I am a fellow music lover so I know what you mean! It's a nice game that doesn't take masses of time up. The discord channel is pretty nice too. 😊

Yeah I'm crap at design!! You should have seen the first iteration!!

New server is coming (have I said that before???? :P)

This post gives you one entry into today’s prize draw to win a 3 card Rising Star booster pack.
Post once a day and add the link to the #hive channel in our Discord to get more entries.

The prize draw takes place during our weekly live stream on Sundays.


Yeah I'm crap at design!! You should have seen the first iteration!!

It's a programmer thing, we design in squares and that's as far as it goes. I have tried and can't do it.

You calling me square? :P

Your game is taking off, I hope you can handle the pressure that is going to come your way soon, and I hope it's worth it.. you need to get something for your efforts... even square ones!

I've already got more than enough for my efforts. The community is awesome and gives me a lot of joy. This is a hobby and because of that there are no financial pressures.

It's interesting that they're real people, gives it a nice tweak - although to carry on with the previous thread...

It is just another card game!

Also, you mention development - one person, struggling to keep up, this is my concern about exode also - Elindos needs to learn how to employ someone else to do some of the work, otherwise these games are going nowhere.

Part of the reason I'm comfortable with Splinterlands is that agroedd has a business head on him - he knows how to manage teams.

He's one of the very few people working on Hive who does.

It is just another card game!

LOL, yeah another card game.. aren't they all!

Also, you mention development - one person, struggling to keep up

It's a good point and it bothers me. @atomcollector does have some help. Another dude does the artwork, and there's at least one more who does some coding.

I have noticed in the last week many more jumping on the game and the backend struggles at times. I don't know what it is about this one, it keeps me coming back.

Cracking the packs is great, I have been very lucky so far.

I have actually been a project manager in many software houses and managed large teams of devs but it is my choice to use the community to help with the development of the game. It's part of what makes this game special.

The speed issues are easily overcome but again I choose to do the development when I am in the correct mood. That way it is never a chore. I already paid a dev to do all the code for this so it's just a matter of getting the server and implementing the code. There is no rush. Rushing just adds stress and that is a road to failure.

I was actually retired but blockchain and crypto was just too exciting so I got my coding hat back on!

I hope as time progresses you will see that this path is one that will lead to a long and exciting life for Rising Star even if it means a few bumps in the road.

I have actually been a project manager in many software houses

I can tell.. the way you can talk on these live feeds.. something I can't do!

Thank you!


Hey @slobberchops, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you so much for the mention I am very honored :)

One day you're going to pull yourself in a booster pack!

I already did!

Honestly, other than splinterlands cards I absolutely have no idea what the other cards (especially the ones with the marble) are for and whether will they fetch a good price in the future. 😂😆

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I am getting more disillusioned with Splinterlands every day. I don't find it fun to play anymore, more a grind. I haven't looked at my EOS rewards yet, it's that exciting. More potions that are quite useless doesn't appeal.

You should give this a go, it requires little of your attention and gives you a sense of achievement. Ignore the bland presentation, it will improve when it goes to Beta. The early adaptors on chain games always do well.

Very interesting indeed. And you are right the potions aren't even working and I think they switched off the settings. But just playing to see if I can probably just at least collect one full strong set of cards I regularly use to be passed down or sold at later date haha.

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That's a good summary of things. I am also on the PC a lot, so can keep clicking, but I run some long missions too. Currently doing the drum lesson as the fans have crept up. I keep getting tempted to buy more cards to try and get the set, but I ought to get some packs too for a chance of those elusive epics and legendaries. I may sell some more spares to go towards that, assuming I find buyers.

I see you can now buy packs for Starbits without having to withdraw them first.

I do this long missions, but right now the band auditions are taking up my nightly stints. I have just one more member and the band is formed taking me into Tier 3. I don't envy you when it's your turn.

After that it's Drum lessons again. The Ego problem is small now, but still there.

Still nine levels to go before I can attempt it. Maybe I can get some more cards before then.

Hi...my friend @slobberchops, nice to see you again, and still active, I just managed to log into my account again. How are you

Good to see you back!

Not, really back yet, still confuse to change my password accordingly to hive

now i understand this game much better - shared

If you really are a music geek, then you need to play Rising Star.

Damn I play it lol :-)

Hey @slobberchops, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.