21 Days Coming of Age - My Journey with - @risingstar


It’s that time again – Time for an update on my game progress at #risingstar

I am still playing the game every single day and learning more and more about it, as, I am sure, are the developers.

A few new things have been added to the game in the past week – such as Storage ability in the form of Storage Trailers, Storage containers and also a Warehouse.

The storage trailers are still reasonably priced on the Market and I did purchase, this allows me to have a storage capacity of 30 cards as they have a 10 card capacity each – When you look at the pricing the best value of course is in the bigger storage options, however one needs to have the capital to invest

Having said that it is not necessary to invest any more into the game than what you earn, just depends on your involvement to the game.

image.pngAnother card that was added this week was an Instrument card

It’s the epic High End Drum Kit

I have not purchased one of these at this point, as the cost is still quite High and I suspect will stay so

As mentioned previously you don’t have to purchase cards, some of these cards are available in the random Packs that you earn when reaching certain mission achievements, and you could be lucky in getting and epic or rare cards to add to your game.

Other changes in the game have been an increase in ego earned after doing a particular mission more than a few times, this is to get players to spread their missions out and continue to do many of all missions. If you look at the achievement pages there are milestones for all mission that you can achieve and its exciting when you reach one

I have been able to progress my missions now to being able to do Shopping Mall gigs and it will not be long before I can go onto the next, Just need to get my level up a bit and do the shopping mall mission X amount of times to qualify.

So my Progress over the past 7 days – I have now been playing the game for 21 days

Before I start I have changed my leading card character to Undead Fred, just because I like to add some colour to my life

  • I am currently now at level 30 – Levelling has slowed down now to 1 level a day, and I can see it getting even slower as the game progresses as more XP is required at each level to reach the next. Having said that I have gained 7 levels since the last report 7 days ago – I do need to reach level 40 before I am able to do the next mission Level of Recording a Demo 😀
  • I currently have 981 Fans, all are from cards, no drunk fans at the moment, however I have purchased some Risky whisky cards – these cards store drunk fans when they appear and can be usede whenever you require a fan boost, The more fans you have the more you can earn, however the more fans you have the bigger the ego and the less you earn, so still a fine balancing act.,
  • I am now at Skill level 2950 which is an increase of 1988 since the last report 7 days ago, I have been undertaking numerous singing and guitar lessons, (these are the only ones available at my level), to increase my skill, I have also invested in some character cards that have given me a great skill boost
  • My Luck level has increased to 870 which is an increase of 510 Luck points, Luck comes in handy especially when busking ort taking part in Battle of the Band. Only drawback of luck is that it could increase the likely hood of you getting drunk fans which as mentioned above can increase the Ego. The fine balancing act continues
  • My IM is now on 73 which is an increase of 44 since the last report , IM comes into play later in the game, IM stands for Income Modifier, I am yet unsure what part this plays but no doubt I will reach a po9int when it becomes apparent.
  • I know have 57,953 Starbits which is up 27,510 since 7 days ago, Starbits is the in game currency and can be used to purchase cards
  • I have also completed 430 missions in total which is an increase of 158 in 7 days. This is not bad considering I have been doing some missions that take 3 hours to do.
  • I have notched up a total of 242 hours and 25 minutes of mission play since starting the game,

I am still thoroughly enjoying the game and it is great to have running in the background when I am doing other things.

I recommend that everyone should try the game , It is a great endorphin rush when you reach different levels, and also a great discord community to engage with.

Also if you play the market a bit then there is also some earning potential. Starbits can be sent to Hive Engine and transposed into Hive if you so wish.

The beauty about these blockchain games is that you can earn while you play.
So try it out, its all in the spirit of Fantastic Frivolous Fun

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