No tips this time - I struggle - selling a fantastic vehicle

in Rising Star Game6 months ago

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Special Offer

Why special? As I struggle to move up - currently level 15 - I am sure some of the folks on top are in desperate need for my card to handle their global rock star tours :-). Check out my offer - you need fans I am sure!

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Who are you progressing to become a star?

This game is still addictive - but I need more patience it seems.

Join me and become also a superstar.

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Seeing there are several of the same vehicles for 15 hives, it will be hard, as you sell it 10* more expensive than the others, but maybe, who knows ... Good luck!

Did you mean to put it on the market for 150 SWAP.HIVE? Others are selling for 15 so maybe you made a mistake?

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Good luck!


:-) - thanks and no, no mistake, was sarcasm a bit - i gave it to the market for later use maybe - but if someone wants....

I did same with my jet ;) 1000 ECU as I want it to stay there, sure they won't buy it, or it will be almost 2 months of rent paid, so I will be happy too LOL...

Good choice - still love the game

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