Rising Star Game - I finished level 29.

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Since, after level 28, as I already wrote, I constantly had more than 700 fans, I was able to play on long missions.


As a result, I completed the required amount of Saturday Headline and opened up new territory.
Unfortunately, I miss a mid-range acoustic guitar to play it.
I wanted to buy it, but she can't figure out how I can pay for it.
I pay at Starbits, but nothing happens.
And what is Sweet Hive, I still cannot understand.
And I can't figure out how and what to change on Hive Engine.
I can't buy a pizza box either.
I bought 1 pizza box in Hives, I wrote off 5 Hives, but I never saw where it was, I spent the money, but I never got the box.
There was some message that I needed to go to Hive Engine, I went in there - did not understand anything - and left.
So I can't buy anything in this game.
In Steam monsters, for example, I absolutely no problem buy the cards that I need, without any problems.
Very uncomfortable.

I continue to play for now.
But somehow without enthusiasm.
The motivation was to move to the next zone.
And, since I can’t continue there, and I can’t buy a guitar either, the interest disappears.


You need to withdraw your Starbits to hive engine in order to buy cards! Hover over the starbits on the status var, a menu drops down and choose withdraw:


You can withdraw from this page and then buy the cards with no issue!

Yes, I bought 1 pack with Hive without problem.
But I can not will buy from Marketplace pizza box and another separately cards.

I mean here place:


Sorry, but the game has a Marketplace where there is a price, where there are new items - buy, where I can go, click and buy either for some coins or for others.
Why do I click, confirm and get nothing?
Why then do we need this Marketplace, if all the actions need to be done differently for the purchase?
Then remove this Marketplace from the game completely.
If it does not work, if you cannot buy anything in it, if it is misleading.

Again it works. You have to withdraw the starbits to hive engine and then buy cards cards with starbits. Just withdraw it and try. It's not misleading, the instructions are provided on site. You are just not reading, maybe because of panic.

Thank you very much. I will try.

As mimismartpants said to buy cards from the Market Place you need to withdraw Starbits to Hive Engine. If you need any help, pop along to our Discord https://discord.com/invite/dbB6Jc7




@lannabeiker! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @risingstargame.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza

Ok, thank you.

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...