Rising Star Game - 100 Missions Completed

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I gave myself a goal to finish 100 missions in the Rising Star game before publishing my first report about the game itself.

So, here it is ...

The 100th mission completed

As a reward, besides 100 Starbits, I received a FREE RANDOM CARD PACK.

These will be my (almost) first cards. Almost because I did receive a SkillBoost1 after one of the missions.

Let's open the pack.

R12 808 Drum Machine

I love drums!

Refresh after purchase including the first SkillBoost card I mentioned before ...

Here are the drums!

As a results my points have changed ...

For the record ...

Achievements page before the mission number 100 ...

... and after it

HOw a re you faring in the game? Did you buy any packs? I didn't ... yet.

Good luck!

Better and better


I started two days ago I think and have properly done 15-20 missions so far.
I have bought a card package for 10K starbits and a got a fans card from foxy!

That's great to hear you are making such a progress, bravo!

Good luck :)



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I didn't know the game even exists.
So, you've got a referral again! 😉 🙂

Hey, thanks! Hvala ti puno.

There are too many of these games. We are wasting too much time on them :)))

Good luck!

I can't log in. I mean, I am allegedly logged in but the page is entirely blank. So, I can't do anything on that white screen.
I tried yesterday evening, and half of the morning today but still nothing.

That's very strange. Not heard of anyone else having this problem. Can you try a different browser please. If you could join our Discord server it would be easier to help you too.

Thank you very much for your reply and the attempt to try to help me this way also.
I'm using Brave, but I'll try some other and see what can I do about it, and what might cause it from my side, maybe.
If nothing works, I'll ask for additional help on your Discord server.
Until then, thanks again!

Hm, strange. Did Hive-Keychain asked you for the permission the first time you logged in?

Does the bar on the bottom show?

Try going directly to https://www.risingstargame.com/game.asp

Next step - ask in the Discord -> https://discord.gg/ctwd2DY

Yes, Hive-Keychain asked me for the permission when I logged in for the first time.
And the funny thing is that I can see that bottom bar and hear the song playing, but above that is white screen.
Will see what can I do about it. Today I didn't have time to play with it.

The bottom bar is in a separate frame. There was a bug and I hope that it doesn't affect you.

Have a great day!

I discovered what the problem was (or maybe still is - didn't check).

The thing is that the same problem occurred (blank screen) with other browsers too, what I checked upon @risingstargame suggestion.

What I didn't noticed almost all the way through is that my anti-virus-malware-etc. program blocked the page (although not entirely) but the frame that according to their report contained some malware bug. (It must be the one you are mentioning. So, as it turns out the program kept me safe and unaffected as it didn't allow that second frame to load.)

That's good to here that this program is protecting you from wasting time and money on games :)

The question is - will you listen to some program or to your desires? :)


The reward is supposed to be:

Earn 1 Starbit for every mission completed by everyone you refer

Well, as I said, if they continue to serve me the a white, empty screen, you might wait for your Starbits earned by me for a quite some time. 😉 😕

I love music, so I do play a lot of the Rising Star ⭐️ have some good assets there already

Congrats then and good luck!

Congratulations on your first pack! That drum will be great when you unlock your band members and start making songs!

This post gets you one entry into the weekly prize draw to win another card pack.

You can get one entry per day posting about Rising Star on Hive.

Good luck!

Hey, thanks a lot for your response.

A question - can we use Starbits to buy stuff directly from the game? Or is it meant to be used through Hive-Engine?

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Ps: one of these days I will ask you why did you choose asp :)

It has to be in Hive Engine to use the in-game marketplace as the NFTs exist on there.

I use ASP because I am old and it's all I know! :P

:) about ASP. I remember my first really dynamic HTML was written in ASP ages ago. 1999 to be exact :)

A calendar of recreational running events with start lists, results, standings, galleries and everything. Quite useful.

Connected to standalone MS Access database, of course.

And I haven't found anything missing in terms of what I need to Rising Star so it has aged well!


Congratulations. I got that drum machine in a pack too. The extra luck is useful. I have been buying a few cards. The XP Boost is good as you get more XP on each mission. I am up to level 16 after 224 missions. I play a mix of short and long missions depending on whether I am around to keep hitting the button. I have pizzas , boxes and coffee cups to keep my energy going. I think it gets more interesting when you have to form a band and tour, but I am not there yet.

Thanks for the tips. Yes, I might buy some cards to store energy and boost XP.