Rockstar incoming!

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Let me tell you a secret.

Its not that long ago I was doing illegal Busking to earn a few dollars for better equipment!

But here is what I have done so far:

• I have done open mic nights

• I got a license for busking!

• I have supported local bands on different Saturdays.

• I have headlined on different Saturdays

After I headlined I got a lot of attentions from local radio stations who wanted me to come on a speak about my music!

So in between recording singles in my bed room and making songs, I do radio interviews to get out into public!

I am currently building up the cash, so I can afford to record demo in the near future!

Wondering how I look? Look no further!

Look at me:

Rocking and rolling like a badass!

I am on a journey to assemble the biggest hardcore headbanging squat the world have every seen!

Will you join me om this quest?!


Living out your fantasies to be a musician yeah?

I do anything that makes me money bro :p

lol that's whats up man. We out here trying to get rich

Yes! Every little thing makes a different. Keep stacking :p

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heheh damn I want that one as well!

Got some metal dudes in the last couple of packs, need some stuff to work on my skills before I loose my fans!

He is awesome! He did fuck up my fans to skill ratio xD
I have 45% ego now, not neat xD

The metal dudes are nice! :D

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Ohh what.. I didn't know there was a weekly prize haha xD

Not guaranteed, but as entry in the raffle.

True :D

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I like rock

You should sign up and try it out then :D