Lightbulb photography (EN)

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Hello again...
Today I'd like to show you the results of a "photosession".
I was walking in a store and took some pictures of some of the lightbulbs...And I think that the results aren't bad...I really like them...(I'm even using one as my wallpaper on my phone)
(By the you know that situation if you're just going anywhere and you're thinking: Oh' that's gonna be a nice pic!
I actually have this really often...and you??)
But okay I'm just going to show you guys the result...



What is so beautiful about those pictures, is the reflection and the blurring in the's looking so...I can't find a word...but the atmosphere in this pictures is really nice, isn't it??? What do you think about them, do you like them?? wich one's your favourite?? I prefer the last one...
So that for today...thanks for reading and again thank you for all of the support on my last post...CU