Happy Sunday to all! Today a bit of me

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Welcome back, photography lovers! Today I will share a few photos of me "trapped" in a shipwreck. A lot of rusty background and the harsh sun did a trick. Of course, my darling did a great job with the camera, but hey... It was a lot on me as well :) Just kidding, I hope you like the photos and have a great Sunday.

Probably you are wondering what is going on with that gold color. It was experimenting with golden tinfoil moment. We had it with our first aid and why not use it. The sun reflection in gold was a nice add-on in that shady ship. If I am not wrong that part of the ship was a pool for the catch they caught. Some sort of fishing ship or a rather bigger boat.

My summer dress was just right for this photo job. Not only by look, but also functional. We were shooting in Vietnam and the air got to 40C degrees. Having airy and light clothing is crucial.


And here is a photo of our shipwreck :) Isn't she nice?


All right guys, this is t for today. I hope you like photos and maybe got an idea for your next portrait photography. Have a lovely Sunday and stay safe.

Next time I will write about this location and shooting process. Stay with us