Walking in circles - details in the mundane

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I walked 2 circles around 2 shops to take photos of things that seem interesting to me.
So here these are, some urban and architecture photography. Taken in Pelgulinn and Pelguranna, Tallinn - Estonia.




The first one was Selver - not sponsored.



It was almost sunset, and the light was looking nice.


Massive building.


The most typical apartment building in Pelgulinn area.


Time for some black and white photos.


A circle around the second shop - Maxima - still not sponsored.


I would say mostly the shops look really boring actually, but there are some details that still look cool.




This is my favourite one from these. Lights and stripes.


Thank you for your attention.


Dude, you caught the hood pretty nice!

I can see The Massive Building from my apartment's windows, btw :D
It looks pretty dope during sunsets - but not really from our windows, rather from up close - I noticed this once during a walk.
Another thing about the bulding, which we actually can see from our window, is the fact that when it's very foggy outside, it looks like the building's gone.

Thanks. That building really stands out since it seems like the only one like this in the area, maybe even the only one in Tallinn? I think I once saw it also in the fog, looked like it could be kilometers tall. 😀

You did do a great job capturing the beauty in everyday things. I really like the perspectives you chose to shoot from. I liked the massive building, the shopping carts, and that last one is trippy to my eyes. Thanks for sharing here in the community. Keep up the great work!

Thank you. I will keep sharing 🙂

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