What are Wide Angle Photos, Exactly...? [Qurator's Photo Quest - Wide Angle]

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This is my last minute entry for the Qurator's Photo Quest, hosted by @qurator. There are still 3h left to enter the contest and this week's theme is Wide Angle.

I have to admit I had no clue of what Wide Angle was so I had to Google it and read about it for a while. I'm not entirely sure I understood it... Apparently, it's a technique to take a photo in order to fit more into the frame that what would normally happen... and it seems that there are dedicated lenses available for this kind of photography.

But... Do we need a special lens to do these kind of photos or can we achieve a Wide Angle capture with any lens, if we take the photo from a certain point of view and play a bit with the zoom...? 🤔

A few sites suggested the second option was viable, so that's what I went for. I hope I got it right...


The above shot was taken with the camera almost touching the ground, in order to capture not only the ground closer to me but also the rocks which were a bit further away...

Here is another capture using with the same method. This time I opted to fill the top half of the image with the sky and clouds.


For the following two shots, I took a different approach, playing with the zoom and tilting the camera so that I could fit the most amount of rocks in the screen.


Here's the second attempt. The idea here was to fill the most possible area of the screen with objects, leaving almost no empty spaces in the frame.


For the last capture of the session, I tried to combine both techniques into a single shot... and this is what I came up with:


I don't know if I succeeded in taking Wide Angle Photos but either way, I hope you like the results. Feel free to let me know if I got it right (or not) and give me some hints, in case you believe I was totally off the mark. 🤭

LocationVila Chã, Vila do Conde - Portugal
CameraPanasonic Lumix DC-TZ90
Photos5 (Edited with GIMP)


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Nice photos!

Wide angle? Hmmm, got me thinking about the photography definitions. I hadn't really thought about it much in years. In a sense it's just an agreement for convenience of discussion and the descriptions used when talking about lenses. 50 mm is the old standard of in the "middle" between wide angle and telephoto. That was from 35mm film days. The new cameras and phones have different size sensors so all the numbers and math conversions make it pretty weird Haha.

Yeah, every phone takes the shots in a different format these days.

Thanks for your visit and comment.

Yes, you are welcome :)

very pretty, you have skills though.

Thank you very much! 😊

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what is dcity.io by the way? Is it a tribe or something else?

Glad you asked... its a #HIVE game. Based on NFTs (non fungible tokens)... you can check it all at dcity.io/info or check the discord server and ask questions live =) I am there all the time... if needed, DM me!

yeah, I visited it, maybe some time I'll register and start playing it
thanks by the way.

Let me know any questions via anywhere you find me... here or via @forkyishere, or on twitter...

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I myself am a stranger to photography having no idea what a wide angle photo is. But whether these can be called wide-angled or not, your photos did justice to the scene and its surrounding. Pretty cool and very clear shots. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, I'm not sure I got it right myself... but they came out great anyway! 😆
Thanks for the visit!

Sweet shots. I don't even know the one to choose as my favorite🤗

Thanks, I'm glad you liked them. I had the same difficulty in order to pick the main shot for the contest... I eventually picked the first one. 😄

Hahaha...all of the are beautiful!😄

Excellent photographs, I am also thinking about wide shot photography, recently I saw a nice way of filming wide angle videos, hopefully I will be able to do that...

Thank you very much, it was fun to do these shots, even though I almost tripped a few times on the wet algae! I almost fell a few times. 😄

You also need to try #dcity game on #HIVE at dcity.io

And because you are halfway to use that !BEER in the game too, here is some!

I will check that out, I was thinking to join Dcity... I think it's time to play games...

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The combined one looks fantastic 👌👌

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Why do I feel the first photographs show me green chillies out of focuse near the camera mouth 😆

Just incredible landscapes, very cool !!!

Thank you very much!

I think I have been there... while young... can't remember very well.

It's very likely. 😁

Amazing 😍


Beautiful pictures and place!! Would love to visit Portugal some day.

Thank you very much, I had some fun taking these! 😁

nice one..... I wonder if you should start giving me lessons on photography......

I'm just an amateur myself. Just point and click. That's what I do! 😀

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