The 3 Bikes [PhotoChain Challenge - 69th Edition]

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Good afternoon, friends!

Here is my entry for the PhotoChain Challenge - 69th Edition hosted by @davidesimoncini. The keywords for this week are Wheels and Number, picked by the previous winners of the challenge: @melinda010100 and @adinapoli.

(My personal keyword is... Motorcycle.)

You might be thinking that this photo has nothing special about it... and you're 100% right. The only reason I took this photo was to be able to remember where I was, later on. As you can see, to the left of the bikes there's a door and a little plaque with the exact address: 12 Magdalenenstraße.

This is a little habit I have. This way, I can browse my photo album, look at old photos and, if needed, recall the exact point in the map where I took some of them. It is very useful when you want to pinpoint your shots on Pinmapple 😉


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It's funny how all motorcycles are facing the same direction, as if they were looking at something which was going on to their left. Or maybe both black bikes were jealous of the blue one, who was ignoring them both altogether. What do you think? 🤭

I hope you enjoyed these photos. Leave a little comment below.

LocationVienna - Austria
CameraPanasonic Lumix DC-TZ90
PhotoEdited with GIMP

If you wish to enter the contest, the announcement link is here:
PhotoChain Challenge - 69th Edition.



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I think they are using the parking rules. :)) No? All parking in the same direction. I do the same thing, using the scene to capture the memory. Signs or addresses especially.

Hello @trincowski !!

Ah, I didn't even know there are such rules.
Thanks for your visit and comment. 🤗

Safety first, speed of exit. It makes sense to park in the direction you want to exit. I dont know if it is a real rule, but makes sense to me.

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3 sister vespa. Are you from Austria?

No, I'm not. I was there on holidays before the virus stopped our fun. 🙄

Oh. I've heard it's a good country to visit. And yes virus has impacted greatly on travel. Some of the travellers are still stuck in some other countries. Where are you from?

I'm from Portugal... and you?

I'm from india

Very nice entry Trincowski, good luck and a !PIZZA to you Than you to join in :)



@trincowski! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @davidesimoncini.

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Thanks a lot. But Pizza is a waste, you should get Bitcoin instead. 🤣

XD At the moment I'm not very supplied with it

These vespa bikes are classics.

Yeah, they're a very common model, everyone likes them. 😊

I would call these two-wheelers not motorcycles, but scooters.
They do not pull on full-weight motorcycles.

To me they're all motorcycles because I understand very little about it! 🤭

And I had a motorcycle when I was young. And I had a scooter, too.

The closest I had was a bicycle. 🚴

There is nothing better than a Vespa!

I have only tried a scooter once... I didn't like it much. 🙄
Thanks for stopping by!

Hello. I like your photo that represents all the words, especially your keyword. I've never rode a motorbike. At this point in my life, I don't think will. You are correct that recording street signs and items that provide a point of reference for your photos is essential. Many times, I've been so caught up in capturing a certain items that afterwards I forget where I was.

Thanks for sharing.

Yay! 🤗
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