Relaxing at the Garden

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Good Tuesday, tree lovers!

Today I'm posting another shot for the #treetuesday initiative, started by @old-guy-photos.

This photo was taken at the Medical Garden (Medická Záhrada), in Bratislava. This was during my last holidays, in 2019, before the whole world went crazy about a virus...

This garden wasn't very big but had plenty of space for everyone, no matter what you wanted to do. You could simply stroll around, sit under a tree and relax, while reading a book or listening to music... or do some exercise and sport in the open areas.

I saw every kind of people there... from the youngest kids to the elder crowd. The park seemed to be one of the favourite places of the locals to spend some time with family and friends.


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Ah, how this reminds me of the good times, when we could actually spend some of the money we earn... travelling around the world. I hope those times return soon. 🤗

LocationBratislava - Slovakia
CameraPanasonic Lumix DC TZ-90
PhotoEdited with GIMP



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Great photography sir as always thanks a lot for sharing.The more older we get the more memories we have but we remember the good memories the most or the memories that is close to heart sometime it sure can be bad /good

have a great day and a great week sir.😀🙏

Thank you very much! Nice to see you popping by again!