My First Contact With America

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Good afternoon, everyone!

Here are two photos taken at the evening, in San Francisco, upon our arrival to the USA. This was the first time I left Europe, which was kind of a big deal (for me)! 😁

From the airport, we took a train that left us right next to the City Hall, which you can see in the photo below.


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The building to the right was quite impressive, too. It's the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.


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We were tired from the long journey and the sun was nearly gone... so there was no opportunity to take more decent photos. We'd have to wait for the next morning for that. As such, we contacted a friend who was going to give us a bed to sleep in... and walked straight to his place.

We arrived there just in time to have a quick snack and then we went straight to bed. 😴

LocationSan Francisco, California - USA
CameraCanon IXUS 210
Photos2 (Edited with GIMP)



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wow sir it really looks great, It great to see your post again 😍🙏

!giphy great work

Not the best photos... that old camera is good, but only in daylight conditions. Thanks for stopping by! 😎

he hee right sir no the best 😁
Pleasure is all mine sir.
I see the world my setting in front of laptop 😁


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Welcome! I hope you enjoyed your stay and don't judge us too harshly.

Ahaahhah! I liked it... but it was a very expensive city. All we could afford was places like burger, taco, pizza and other fast food shops. The other places were way out of our (pockets) league. 🤭

I felt something similar the first time I left Latin America to go to Europe :)

It's an amazing feeling, right? 😎

I always wish too see a museum someday. I love old stuff. Asian Art Museum in San Francisco is so big. I would love to there someday.

I rarely visit museums in big cities... I prefer to spend my time outside! 😁
Thanks for stopping by!

It is a beautiful place without a doubt, it captured good photos with an incredible sky. The next thing will be to enjoy and more if it is your first time there. So now you must take incredible photos and save beautiful moments, life is to live and enjoy it, Greetings.

Yeah, I liked this trip. It was a few years ago already. The USA seem to be a bit scarier and crazier nowadays. 🙄

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These are not very good... that camera is not fit for low light conditions. I have plenty of better shots taking during the day! 🤭

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