A Very Cute Kitty

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Good night, everyone!

It's been a long time since I published any photos for a #caturday... so here it is, a new #caturday post.

This is the kitty that lives by my parent's house. She belongs to the neighbours and sadly, she is one of the only cats of the whole neighbourhood... so she is a bit lonely. 😐


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When the sun goes out, she enjoys popping onto the roof of cars to enjoy a sunbath. I took these photos right before she was about to settle down...


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She was a bit curious when I started taking photos but she didn't care too much. Just a few seconds later she decided to lay down and chill out. 🤗


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She acts as if she owns the car... and since she is pretty clean and light, the car owners don't have a problem with her. She doesn't do any damage at all. 😊


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She is the cutest little thing and very friendly, too. She likes the attention and is always happy when she gets it... even from strangers. 😸

That's it for today... I hope you enjoyed these shots.

CameraSamsung Galaxy A70
Photos4 (Edited with GIMP)



Yay! 🤗
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awww, so cute and adorable Kitty

Thanks! Yeah, she's a sweetie! 🤗

Cute cat grl ;))

Yep, she is.

Your cat is so beautiful and is a colourful cat I never see this colour of cat. 🐱

Not my cat... it lives next door to my parents'. Really? These are quite common around here.
Thanks for your visit and comment.

She does look curious and you are right she is the cutest cat in this world.

Yeah, so cute! 😸

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