A Calm Beach to Relax [Seaphotography Contest - Week 103]

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Good night, everyone!

This is my entry for the Seaphotography Contest - Week 103 hosted by @marc-allaria. This week the theme is Sea and Seascapes.

For this week I picked a photo of a beach in the region of Alentejo, Portugal, in the city of Vila Nova de Milfontes. This is a well known beach, quite loved by the locals. The waters are usually calm and warm. When the weather is good, there are hardly any waves... It's not a place for surfing, bodyboarding or any other extreme sports... but to have a relaxed bath without the fear of drowning. 😉


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I hope you can visit this spot someday... and then head to the nearest restaurant to enjoy some fish on the grill! Yummmm. 😋

LocationVila Nova de Milfontes - Portugal
CameraSamsung Techwin M110
PhotosEdited with GIMP

If you wish to enter the contest, the announcement link is here:
Seaphotography Contest - Week 103



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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 24 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Cool post ! I miss going to the beach and spend the day there relaxing and enjoying the sun !

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Thanks a lot. Yeah, now winter is approaching fast... we'll have to wait another 9 months. 🙄


Did you bath there? Looks deep.

Yes, I did. Well, it gets deeper as farther as you move away from the shore. If you stay nearby it's not that deep. 😊

I want to swim in there. That's beautiful water. I'd probably drink it too.

No, you shouldn't drink it. It's salt water. It will make you sick. 🤪



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It looks like a fabulous place to just swim around in peace, without the fear of having someone else's surf-board smack you in the face! 😅

Yes, beaches on the south part of the country are more for swimming and relaxing. On the north, it's more for extreme sports fans! 😂

Sounds pretty awesome! I'd far prefer a more soothing day of the beach, without having to wrestle with any waves 😁

Looks absolutely inviting! the color of that water....good luck for the contest :)

Thank you very much! 😎

wonderful picture for the contest my friend i hope you will win...

Thank you very much, sir!