Traveling to an island far from the city in time of pandemic

Eight long months, we all had to stay home, as I write this we're still advised to stay home. So many plans were pushed back and as the year 2020 stretched slowly, my default was to just wait and not plan anything, anymore. Mid of last year, things somehow went back to normal. We were allowed to go in the university since our line of work was difficult to transition to a work-from-home setup completely. Just when I thought 2020 will just be a year of going to my workplace and straight home routine, we were asked to conduct a training outside the city, a place situated on a different island. I was hesitant since traveling in the midst of the pandemic in our country was not an easy thing to do. We had to accomplish a lot of paperwork, undergo swab test, and travel cautiously. But, I was also so deprived of lush landscapes and seas that stretch widely. Luckily, we were given an accommodation situated along the coast. The people who invited us were so aware of our situation in the city and thought that we'd enjoy the view of the sea, I was so grateful. I really never thought I'd have this view. In the mornings of our stay there, I was able to feel the salty seas.

The front yard of the place is graced with lush trees , as the sun rises, it peeks through the branches of the trees. It looked so divine and calm at the same time. It was a little cold that morning, thus I was able to see the morning mist as I spent the early morning walking around the place. The shore on the opposite end was deserted, it was still dawn when I went out of my room. I waited a little to watch the sun rises, I wanted to wrap the scene in front of me and take it home. I wish these photographs I took have done justice to the beauty I saw that day.

I'd like to stay a little longer but we only had three full days, that include the work (training) we had to do. Even though we were in transit most of the time. I just couldn't miss this opportunity of having serene mornings in the countryside. On our way back to the city, we were caught on heavy traffic, which was very unusual.

The drive to the port was so crazy since our designated driver was speeding up to catch our ferry ride. We were so close, just then, we saw the ferry was about to leave. We were five minutes late! Since our drivers were locals, they knew the place well, and suggested we could wait for the next trip in their friend's house. We spent the next hour along the coast where the shore is filled with stones. We had time to kill and I was able to make an art out of the stones. I thought it would be easy, balancing each piece, but the strong winds were my enemy at the time. The place was so lovely, my thoughts changed from "if I could just take this home" to "if I could just leave something behind".


Since we took the last scheduled trip, the ferry was more deserted. This was the second time I had a ferry ride, the first time was in 2017. It was a much larger ferry where we were given designated beds so we can rest.

The sun was about to set when we sailed, I realized that indeed, I am more of a mountain person. Even though the view of the seas was great, I was always so drawn to the sight of the mountains.

As we sail away from the island, I couldn't help but think of the many things I've been missing. I have always thought that all opportunities lie in the city. But in reality, I just know, what I really want is the simple life in places like this.


Nice travel report, I am really glad you could take this amazing trip after being locked down for so long :)

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@travelingmercies - Really enjoy your travelling story. Love your stone art and beautiful scenery of mountain and sea along your ferry ride.