Independent 2 - Bright Colors

In my last post. I shared four photos in black and white. It was pictures I tool few months ago on an outdoor session with a friend. She asked that I be her photographer and I honored. I took a lot of photos so, I will continue sharing them in sets so as not to flood a post with countless pictures, but I would not spam. I would share images of different clothing's together, but on the occasion there were eight of the photos and I thought I'd try some of it in black and white, while I left some in colors.

DSC_0057 (1).jpg




DSC_0058 (1).jpg



I processed each image on lightroom mobile. I used an original "gray and orange" preset I have. Making the skin orange and crisp, while increasing the great, which here would be the background.

cameraISOShutter SpeedAperture
Nikon D32001001/1250f/4.5

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beautiful photos bro, I would like someday you to bring us photos of the sea, (if it is within your reach). A big hug! :)

Thank You so much man.

I hardly go out this days. i would try going for the sea soon. I really want to take some photos.