Celebrating the Birthday of our Colleague

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Good Day Guys

Let me share with you what happened during my day.
Before I went to sleep and that was about 1:30 in the morning, I went to lie down on my bed. Later on, I heard something that was flying and it sounded like a cockroach that landed near my head. I immediately got out of my bed and looked and turned on my lights and I was right. I tried catching it but it was able to run away. So I said nevermind, I tried to sleep again but I was a bit paranoid because it might go to my face while I sleep. I heard it walking through the cloth. Finally, I was able to catch and kill it. I then slept after that. I then woke up finished writing and got ready for work. I drove myself to work and it was a really shiny day.


I then went to time in and went to our department. We were just waiting for one of our doctors to finish the rounds before we go up and treat. I texted one of our doctors if she had any instructions on what to do with her patients. She texted me back and told me to defer one patient because he was for peg insertion and to continue treating the other patient. Later on, we received a call that the patient who we were supposed to treat was for discharge so I texted and she told us to get the contact details for homecare. The other doctor arrived and endorsed to us our patient and we had a new patient.

We then went up to the ward with my colleagues to treat all our patients. The first patient that we went to was the new patient. He's a Status post amputee, they had to cut down part of his leg. It was our job to teach him mobilization techniques. At first, he was hesitant for us to treat him, but we were able to earn his trust. We then mobilized him up to short sitting. He said this was his first-time short-sitting after the amputation. We asked him what happened to it, and he said that his leg got infected and that they couldn't save it anymore so the doctors decided to amputate it. We left him in a short sitting position because that's what he wanted. We then went to patient 2. When we were treating patient 2 she was having mood swings. The day before she was okay and cooperative. But when we treated her today, she was uncooperative and was agitated. These are the patients who are difficult to treat because it seems like they don't want to get better. After we finished the treatment, we passed by the patient who was discharged and got their contact details. It was really fun saying goodbye to him because he was really active despite getting a stroke. We didn't go to the 3rd patient because our other colleagues said that she was having a fever so we all decided to go downstairs.

As soon as we reached our department, our chief told us that we can already get tested for COVID-19. This was our monthly swab. I'm glad that they changed the location of the place where we get swabbed so we don't have to go outside all the way out to Triage 2. I hope that none of us would test positive for this virus.


We went back downstairs and my colleague who celebrated his birthday asked me if I could go up and get the pizza because he was busy with his patient. I then went up paid for it and got the pizza. His birthday was actually in March but the celebration got delayed.

This was our lunch, we had Pizza from Anchorwheel. Flavored wings which were salted egg, Korean and cheesy jalapeno from Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and Palabok from Teahouse. We also had a cake that was made by a friend of our other colleague. Some of other colleagues from before also went to the celebration and it was really nice catching up with them.


I loved the taste of the cake because it was really moist.

After eating lunch I was really full. We had to treat the other patient who had a fever in the morning but we asked our other colleagues who has a different treatment to go ahead. They went back down and they deferred the patient because she was about to get a fever. So we were really lucky that we didn't have to go up anymore. Instead, we helped with the linen by bringing it up and bringing down towels. While I was waiting for 5 pm I was just resting.

Finally, it was 5 o clock. I was walking fast going to the car because it looked like that it was going to rain. It was already starting to drizzle. I drove myself home and I was lucky that it didn't rain. When I got home I disinfected then slept on the couch. I was really sleepy after work. They just woke me up for dinner. After dinner, I was just using my computer and looking for a monitor for my girlfriend. I hope that you guys had a wonderful day!

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

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