Beautiful views from my office window - Photos of My journey as a corporate jet pilot / One day in the life of a jet pilot πŸš€

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Hello everyone! hope you are doing good and keeping safe!
Today I am posting something different than my other posts

unnamed (1).jpg

One of the thing that I love the most in my life is my job as a pilot
sadly im not curently flying but at least im able to share with you some pictures of my previus flights
and give you some information about it

All pictures were taken by me in non critical phases of flight or with a pre programmed camera

unnamed (5).jpg

lets star from the begining
the planes I fly are called Learjet series 25, 35 and 55 but the company I worked for has
learjet 25 and learjet 55

This is the learjet 25

unnamed (10).jpg

And this is the Learjet 55

unnamed (18).jpg

I flew both... And if you wanna know what does a pilot has to do when he is flying you are reading the correct post!
the flight begins the day that the flight is confirmed, after you receive the call "hey you have to fly from A to B" thats the moment when the flight begins... both crew (pilot and copilot) must plan the route and coordinate everything concerns the flight, incluided FBO (foregin base operations, these are companies of ground services that you can find in airports, they will make the paperwork, receive passengers, coordinate fuel, etc)

unnamed (19).jpg

In my case as good a Copilot I have to arrive to the airport 2 hours before the flight to make the cockpit preparations to see if the airplane is airworthness. That incluides check of all the systems, aircraft documents, make the preflight inspection, refueling, fill the GPS with the route, fill the flight plan, clean the crew and passengers cabin and fill the plane with provisions like catering, drinks, water, snaks etc...

unnamed (8).jpg

When captain arrives to the plane, everything is done. we make a preflight briefing where I say to him everything I planned and everything I did, everything I checked, and then he check the same things I already check to double check that everything is ready to go... Then we brief the departure and the route that I filled in the GPS, check the weather and notams (notifications to airmen)...


Sometimes the captain arrives to the plane with passengers and in those cases he call me some minutes before to start one engine to start the freon system (air conditioning system) to cool the cabin for confort of the passengers and sometimes passengers arrives and while captain start the engines I welcome them in the entry door of the plane

unnamed (2).jpg

After that, and with doors closed and ready to go we request to tower the clearance for the route and we ask for taxi for the runway and there is where magic begins

unnamed (13).jpg

This is everything among other things that we do to prepare a flight... some things can change depending of the kind of operations, for example some things are differents when you are an airline pilot or a cargo pilot, this post is about corporate pilots


if you wanna know how was my experience as an airline pilot or If you want to know more details or what we do in the rest of the flight, or if you find this kind of posts intresting let me know in the comments and I will post the second part with more beautiful pictures and details

unnamed (7).jpg

thanks for reading I hope you like this content

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Hello, It is so nice to meet you. I like your office and I like your views. It seems like a healthy way to pass ones days. I hesitate to use the expression "uplifting" πŸ˜‚ I shall be keeping an eye on your blog! Guitars and aeroplanes seems like a very cool combination.

Hi @sallybeth23 thanks for your comment! πŸ˜„ yess you are right, guitar and airplanes are a great combination, I pass my confined days studying the aircraft systems and playing guitar πŸ˜† thanks for being intrested on my blog, I will be posting more 😊

I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

thank you for support 😊 I really appreciate it

Wow now that is one office. 😍