A green visit.

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We had a great visitor this morning of bright and hot sun. A beautiful longtail that was apparently coming down from the tree.

How I got to the tree we really don't know, in fact we never imagined that there would be any there, but I noticed it when I was going to vote some organic waste to the patio so that the land would be fertile and if it weren't for making a movement when I got closer I wouldn't I would have noticed.

It really is an animal that although it is not very strong, a whip from its tail could hurt, so the closest I got to it was with the camera zoom.

After I took a photo session for him, he just jumped up and got lost in the bushes. We leave her like that and we really don't know if she's still at home, we'll find out tomorrow.

Photograph taken with my Huawei Honor 7x phone.


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