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My entry to @derangedvision’s photography contest. Check his post Here for more information.

The theme is PETS.

This is Tiny a little red squirrel and my entry for the amateur level.

Tiny is a wild animal. She has visited my back deck every morning the last two years and I consider her a pet.


Tiny’s mother, Bopeep, used to come by and one morning she brought her baby, Tiny. I haven’t seen Bopeep in a long time and think she has passed. She was a pet too and was training her baby Tiny that it was safe to visit me.

Tiny is sitting on the back deck railing and nibbling on a peanut I gave her. She also likes apples. Tiny is looking a bit frazzled and by the looks of her nipples, she is nourishing babies. She hasn’t brought them for me to see yet.

I notice most afternoon Tiny is stretched out sleeping on the deck railing. Like any mother, she sometimes needs a rest from the babies.


Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6

All photos are taken by me unless otherwise sourced

Animated Banner Created By @zord189

Courtesy of @derangedvisions


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You can really see in her eyes what she is thinking "I'm so tired, please, I need only a few minutes of lying stretched out here, then I'll be right back with you my lovely children".

Both photos are great Jo - the first one shows a happy mother and the second one is so great when Tiny is lying there with open eyes 👍😀

I am sure she will bring her babies to you soon to show them you are a trustworthy person who always has some food.

Cheers and !BEER

Good morning Johann or rather good afternoon 😊 I’m happy you liked Tiny and how she was lying down to have a rest.🐿 I wonder how many babies she has.

Sun finally starting to shine after a cool night. I hope your day is going well.

Thanks for your generosity!😊

Good afternoon Jo,

I really love that photo where she is lying. It shows how much Tiny trusts you 👍🙂
Maybe the babies are still too young and she has to wait until they can follow her, but since she has learned about you from her mother she will certainly tell her children that you are very nice 😉

We have had a few nice but cold days, but yesterday it has got warmer. The weather is still changeable though.

Yes, I'm doing fine, but at the moment we have so much to do at work that I almost have no time to hive 😭

Didn't you say to me in one of your last comments "you don't always have to thank me" ... now I say the same to you 😉
I hope your weather has become very nice and you have a good day, Jo 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Awww, the second photo really shows how tired Tiny is.... I've never seen a squirrel lie down like that! She must feel very at home on your deck! :) Good luck for the contest!

Tiny seems really tired. I think her babies are draining her and she has to get away and have a rest.

Thanks @ackhoo and for the good luck.😊

Manually curated by ackhoo from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thanks @qurator. Appreciate the support.

looks kinda nutts like me :P

Haha Manuel. I think we are all a little nuts. How are you doing?

im not sure still early to me hehehei think im ok Lol

Tiny is the most amazing squirrel. Look at those tiny little fingers and toes. 😀

It is amazing how tiny and perfectly made Tiny is Neli. 😆 It’s almost like she comes by to let me she is wore out from being a mother.

What a cute chipmunk! Now that you mention it, she does look a little haggard, much like a mother who didn't get a full night's rest. She needs a mom's day out!

That's sad about BoPeep. Fingers crossed she will show up again and surprise you one day!

Is this Tiny's first litter to the best of your knowledge? It will be exciting when she brings her little one/s to meet you -- the circle of life!🐿

Excellent photography! Good luck in the contest! @redheadpei

Thanks so much Nina and for the good luck wishes 💞

Yes, this is her first litter and I noticed she looks a bit wore out from her usual chipper self.

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Thanks @ninahaskin. Appreciated!

It was my pleasure, Jo! @redheadpei 💕💫 know you always get me with the Tiny photos and these are just too adorable! It is nice that Tiny trusts you and you look out for her. She looks very relaxed and happy! I'm glad that Bopeep was able to introduce Tiny to you and know that you are a human that she could trust! 💞

She is a sweetie and so tiny, Dee. 🐿 I glad you enjoyed seeing her again.💕

Such a sweet loving story how nice to have mum then Tiny continuing to visit you they really have developed trust in you by even sleeping on the railing that would be so sweet to see 😊

Thanks @bigsambucca! I’m happy you liked the story and Tiny on the railing.😊

Great shots, that second one is so good

It seems to be the favorite Brian. Thanks for stopping by.😊

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Sad story but that is life and now you have Tiny who fully loves you and has full trust in you by just the way she is sleeping on that rail so cute 😊