etude in green & yellow (52 weeks contest)

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my entry to '52 weeks' contest by @wwwiebe

( the initial post & rules , all 52 prompts, this week entry )

Week's prompt was: 'From the ground' -- thats quite up to me, and very hard to choose what to publish as, like 90% of my photos are taken from the knees, belly, and even more incredible positions.

IMG_2877  w.jpg
( x3 shots focus stake )

I choose an easy way and just picked up one of my todays pics. Sympatico little green froggy visited gigantic green mushroom I overseer growing for all the last week. Lighting benefited to the macros. The image is a focus stake of 3 shots.

location: Russian countryside August 2020 natural light
camera/lens: Canon 5D Sigma 150mm raw-conv
f 2.8 t 1/200 ISO 100`xx`0 --

Thanks for stopping by!



Awesome! I was hoping to get to see another of your mushroom closeups this week!

HAHA! am I so predictable?..