Moon in hands (photo52)

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my entry to '52 weeks' contest by @wwwiebe

( the initial post & rules , all 52 prompts, this week entry )

Week's prompt was: 'The Moon', and I felt lazy and non-creative and went straight-forward: why one should invent something, having such a marvelous edition of Moon in his pocket? I bet nobody came closer to the Moon than me! (well, except of a dozen folks that you see on my pic... but they do not enter this nice challenge, right? so, it doesnt count).

taken with Canon 5D +Canon 50mm 1.8

lite3 IMG_8442w.jpg

Seriously -- I didnt travel to the Moon... I have captured it at St.Petersburg, just 15 minutes walk by foot from my house (I am a lazy person, if you didnt know yet!) during the St.Petersburg Light festival back in 2018... I am not sure if I already posted these photos or not, so, I made an extra colour intrusion and re-edited the photos (my fave x-processing effect was added, among others).

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you enjoyed the biggest Moon you ever can see!


This is such a cool photo of the Moon! Very original. I must not miss this round, the Moon always fascinates me.

this is 'once in a lifetime' sort of.. i was just lucky to happen at a right time and a right place, to capture this :P
glad you like it.

OMG that's brilliant!!

yes, a brilliant click, as they say :P