Green calm below, blue quietness above

Most of us people live in such a chaotic and crowded cities, environment where pollution is increasing day by day and carbon positivity is at its peak. Now-a-days most young adults started to migrate to cities to live a better life. But the actual life lies in nature. Cities provide people with opportunities, generates so much employment. Nature provides with freshness of living. We have a small amount of land and small house lying close to nature. This land is near to one of the most beautiful national park in India. We also use some portion of this land for business purposes.


I took this picture by the side of our aquaculture site. This plant is known as Niguro(Fiddlehead fern) in our mother tounge. These are a kind of wild plants which grows almost anywhere. What we do is pick up some prematured leaves from this plant. Then it can be cooked and have it with our meal.


I also live in city but because of SARS Corona Virus, had to come back to my place. Whenever i come back to this place, my mind starts to freshen up. There you will not find any horn buzzing, no harmful smoke leaving by industries, vehicles. Instead you will hear birds melody, fresh wind blowing through your body. It's so peaceful in here. And most importantly, you'll see greenery all around.

Reflection in the water always looks amazing. Though this photograph won't justify how it looked to me through my naked eye. Still i thought to share this picture with you.

Nature is a precious gift and we should preserve it both for ourselves and for other species.


Camera used ------- Realme 5 Pro

Edited in-----snapseed

Captured and Edited by--- Punkblogs





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