Special photo contest: show me around your hometown (30 Hive in prize pool)

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

As promised earlier, I am excited to come up with a brand new, special photo contest for you today. As the title of the post suggests, the theme of this photo contest is YOUR HOMETOWN and the prize pool is 30 Hive that will be shared by 3 winners :)

If you want to participate in this photo contest, please read the following rules and recommendations.

1) Submit your entry in the comment section below. There is no need to create a separate post but if you still want to do that, please remember to submit the entry here in the comments too.

2) The entry must include one photo and a description of at least 50 words (in English). The photo must be yours and taken in your hometown (whether it´s a big city or a small village, it doesn´t matter as long as it´s a place that you consider your hometown). In the description, you can write about what your photo depicts or just generally about the town itself.

3) You can start submitting your entries from now for 7 days until the payout of the post. Then, I will make a summary post with all the valid entries and the community (not me this time!) will have another 7 days to vote and pick the winners who will share the prize pool. The first place gets 15 Hive, the second place gets 10 Hive and the third place gets 5 Hive.

As usually in my contests, upvoting and sharing the post is not mandatory but any support will be highly appreciated as I am funding the prize pool from my own pocket (also as usually).

Now as a little inspiration for you guys, I am going to share a bunch of photos that I took in my hometown, the beautiful Czech city of Opava and add a few lines about it below.





















Home to almost 60,000 people, Opava is currently the 15th largest city in the Czech Republic. It´s located in the eastern part of the country (very close to the borders with Poland) in the historical region known as Czech Silesia of which Opava was the capital city. With its origins dating back to as early as the 12th century, Opava is a historical city and an important cultural, economical and political center of the area. Until the Second World War, Opava was considered one of the most beautiful cities in the country as it was full of impressive architectural pieces dating back to various centuries and architectural styles. During the war, however, the city was badly damaged with as much as 83% of all the buildings being destroyed. Yet, some of the landmarks survived and some were reconstructed so even today, Opava is still a charming city that has a lot to offer to its visitors. My photos feature mostly local architecture but the city is also known for a number of beautiful parks and gardens so the urban landscape is nicely balanced and enjoyable. Come to see for yourself :)

So that´s it for my own hometown and now I am looking forward to seeing yours guys! Good luck everyone and have fun while working on your entries :)

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Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about Nature, Animals, Ecology, Crypto, Traveling, Photography and discovering secrets and beauties of the World, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on hiving! :)


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Amazing photos 😍😍😍

Thanks buddy. Feel free to join the challenge :)

How to join??

It´s all written in the post :)

That's a beautiful little town, impressive buildings!

Thank you :) I would love to see yours.

Awesome initiative, thanks for hosting!
I will do my best to show my part of paradise, but currently I have other sweet things to take care for so I can't promise I will manage that in 7 days but sooner or later I will present Ljubljana here on Hive.

And there are some nice photos about your hometown. Hopefully I will be able to visit some day on my own...

Totally understandable you have more important things to take care of now hehe :) Hope everything has been going well for you guys. Btw the photos don´t have to be fresh for this challenge, if you have some cool pictures of Ljubljana that you took in the past, feel free to pick one and use it ;)

WOW, this is really cool contest appreciate you coming up with this it will prove very popular I think and your hometown photos are awesome as always.

Thanks buddy :) I am actually quite curious about the participation. We will see how many people will join :) Definitely counting on your entry from Byron Bay though haha :)

It definitely will be interesting there are so many contests popping up on Hive at the moment but yours is quite simple but not having to do a full post which relieves a little more stress and yep you can count on me I will be joining the party...hehe 😊👍

Awesome :) See you later.

Ah yeah cool contest. We will definitely join @dodovietnam (Tay Nguyen à?hehe) @babelstrip @lanngoc @phuongthao98 we are all from different provinces in Viet Nam 😃

Wow nice contest.
Thanks Trang babe for sharing it 😊😊😊

Let's do it!

Cool, thanks for letting the Vietnamese community know about the contest :D Looking forward to your entries guys :)

Už vím, proč se říká "Bílá Opava" :-). Ve svém rodném městě (Černá Ostrava) jsem nebyl už 35 let :-/.
Tak aspoň pohled z Černé věže na náměstí v Českých Budějovicích, kde již nějakou dobu žiji.


A view of the center of České Budějovice from the Black Tower

The square itself has an area of 1 hectare and is one of the largest in the Czech Republic.
České Budějovice is probably most famous in the world for BUDVAR beer, which is brewed here :-).
Many people also know the city from Jaroslav Hašek's novel The Good Soldier Švejk.
From České Budějovice, the first horse-drawn railway on the European continent also led along the route Č. Budějovice - Linz - Gmunden. Salt was driven on it and was also used for passenger transport.

Tak tak, Bílá Opava nebo též Bílá perla Slezska :) Děkuji za moc krásný soutěžní příspěvek. Můžeš prosím ten text přehodit do angličtiny? V této soutěži očekávám velký přesah do zahraničí, tak bych to měl všechno rád v angličtině. Už jsem to i doplnil do pravidel. Díky moc ;)

Opraveno :-)

Paráda, dík :)


Oh! Lovely Czech Republic. Unfortunatelly I only had two or three photos of my hometown, so here it goes.

Pelotas, Brazil

Settled amid lands of natives Minuano and Carijos, my hometown, Pelotas, exhales reinvigorating energies of youth--from its traditional universities that attract students from all over Brazil. The picture I chose showcases exactly that: a pleasing summer day at the central square, youngsters enjoying life pre-Covid, the German clock tower, and the remarkable central market in the background. It also represents nature, the sub-tropical vibe. Life. Friendship.


Thanks buddy, happy to have such a lovely entry from Brazil here :) Good luck!

Esto me fascinó. Impresionante tu ciudad y tus fotografías así lo reflejan.
Ya comienzo a prepararme para dejar mi participación en tu concurso.

Happy to hear that, cannot wait to see your entry :) Good luck!

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Wow ... there is some really nice architecture in opava. It sure looks like a nice place for living, @phortun.

Thanks man :) Feel free to join in, would be great to have an entry from Croatia here.

Hi @fortun
Thanks for your sharing about your home town.
Here is my entry about my hometown, Hue City.

Link Entry : https://peakd.com/hive-163772/@lanngoc/my-hometown-hue-city-the-ancient-city-of-vietnam-



Short Description:

Have you ever been running/ walking around your city or town and quietly just taking in the scenes around you? For example, when I do this, I notice the cyclists working really hard to drive passengers around the streets, the tourists slowly drinking tea/coffee along the roadside. Those things to me among others make up something very HUE in vibe.

First entry from Asia in this challenge, awesome, thank you so much! :)

@phortun please note this entry is plagarised


Oh wow, I had no idea (and suspicion). Thank you very much for letting me know.

I have had a dialogue with @lanngoc and trust this is a newbie mistake, let's hope it won't happen again. The last thing we want is to drive quality content creators off the chain, just need to guide them where possible.

Exactly. I told her pretty much the same... I will let her submit a new entry.

Thank you so much @livinguktaiwan @phortun for giving me a chance to fix it.
Im sure , it wont happen again.

Im so sorry and thank you !

Thanks you so much 😁

Hey, I was just informed that your entry includes some plagiarized material. I know that you are a newbie so maybe you didn´t do it on purpose so I will let you submit a new entry but the entry must be 100% yours and original, ok? ;) I mean both the photo and the text.

Hi @phortun

This is my entry again.
P.s: Both texts and photos is mine.

I hope you read it again. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to entry this again ❤️❤️❤️


short description:

My hometown,Hue is an important city in Vietnam, that is known as an ancient capital city with a lot of history stories. UNESCO recognized Hue palace as a World Heritage Site.

Have you ever been running/ walking around your city or town and quietly just taking in the scenes around you? For example, when I do this, I notice the cyclists working really hard to drive passengers around the streets, the tourists slowly drinking tea/coffee along the roadside. Those things to me among others make up something very HUE in vibe.
That I mean by this statement is with other cities like Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi you can straight away get overwhelmed with a sense of this is busy 24/7 and that is great that’s their vibe. Hue on the other hand is slower paced more involved you have time to think to smell to react to what is around you. There is the difference between farm and city here you can see it’s a place all people come to be together no matter who you are. I love this city with all my heart ❤️

Hi, thanks for submitting a new entry :) Can you just copy the text here in the comment too? It´s up to you what part you pick, just make sure it´s at least 50 words please :) Thanks.

Hey I edited comment. Please check it again ^^

Looks great now, thanks! :)

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@tipu curate

Hi there, thank you for your participation but please follow the rules. Your entry (the actual photo and the text) must be submitted here in the comment section and it must be in English. Thank you :)

Sorry @phortun.
I understood that the entry could also be done with a post. I wrote it in English and Spanish.
I've corrected the mistake.

It will be at a later date.
I think I should not make a post and then do the same in a comment. I'm sorry I didn't understand the rules.

No, your entry was great, I just need you to upload it here in the comment too :) One photo + text of at least 50 words in English. Thank you :)


One of the favorite places of my childhood is the Fuente Luminosa de Higuerote, my parents used to take me in the afternoons to ride my bicycle and wait for its colorful water jets to turn on. Its designer was the French engineer Maurice Rotival. Its design emulates three intertwined waves, and has a height of approximately 10 meters, the floor and walkways that surround it were originally made of colored vitreous mosaic.
This fountain is architectural patrimony of the state of Miranda, it has a hydraulic and illumination system that today does not work, but in its years of splendor it offered a spectacle of water jets illuminated by colored lights, practically unique in Latin America.
Today, in spite of its abandonment, it still conserves its majestic beauty.
Greetings from Venezuela.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Perfect, thank you very much :) So your hometown is called Higuerote?


My hometown is Karimban. Karimban is a small village in Idukki,India. This place is geographically known for its mountainous hills, amazing waterfalls and dense forests. In our district there is no airport nor any railway stations. The people in this place are very attached to nature and its wildlife. Eventhough its a small and simple village, i am so lucky to born in a place like this cause its peaceful here and thats the thing lacking in this machine world. Like Isaac Newton said Nature is pleased with simplicity,and nature is no dummy. I have posted some incredible photos of nature and scenic views from my hometown earlier in hive as well as in @phortun comment section. But for this contest i thought of sharing a picture of my small and underdeveloped village. But in this photo also mother nature added some brightness

In this picture you can see a mahindra thar in the front of the shop. Its an offroading vehicle. About 50 percentage of the people living in Idukki have to drive through muddy and tricky roads inorder to reach there houses. So offroading vehicles are more popular here.

Thank you very much for this amazing entry from India. Good luck! :)

Thank you so much

Oh wow, I was born in a mountainous province too. This photo is amazing.

Thanks man

This is the Jacques Cartier Bridge, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was inaugurated in 1930, but is actual name was given in 1934 after a petition was made to change it in honor of Jacques Cartier, a French navigator who was the first European to explore the St. Lawrence River.


Nice shot, thank you. I didn´t know you live in Montreal :) Btw don´t you have this picture in a better resolution? It looks more just like a thumbnail pic...

Sorry, here's a better resolution one:

Awesome, thanks :)

My home town is Byron Bay, NSW, Australia and today I am not going to show you our famous beaches because I think I have shown you all enough of our beaches that you are all familiar with nor am I going to show you my little town cause there is nothing really interesting to show apart from houses and shops but I am going to show you Cape Byron lighthouse which is our icon of Byron Bay town. The Cape Byron lighthouse was built in 1899 and has been in operation since 1901 when it opened, it is not a real tall lighthouse standing at 22 metre high, the reason been why it wasn't built any taller is because it sits 94 metres above sea level on top of Cape Byron Headland giving it sweeping views all over the Pacific Ocean from up there and shinning all over Byron Bay town. It use to be operated manually by resident keepers in the early years but today it is a automated lighthouse and has gone down as one of Australia's Historical sites.


Awesome, I love it :) You captured this iconic landmark of your town really well. Happy to have an Australian entry here, thanks man!

My pleasure @phortun I though it would be better then showing you beaches again glad that you like it...Cheers mate 👍

Hi @phortun, thank you very much for another great contest.
Currently I'm living in a coastal city, Danang. But my hometown is DakLak, a province in the highland of Vietnam. When I think of my hometown, I immediately think of green and yellow. Green is the color of trees, my hometown has a lot of trees because it is a mountainous province. Yellow is the color of the afternoon sun, the afternoon sun in my hometown is very beautiful. Below is a photo of me driving my grandfather's motorbike on the way home under the shade of trees in the afternoon. It is the image that sticks to my mind every time I remember my homeland. By the way, the photos about your hometown are very beautiful.

Thanks for your entry man and good luck in the next stage of the contest that I am just about to publish :)

Tks a lot @phortun. Have a good day!