My 2020 in pictures: 12 photos defining the last year

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

We have already been a few days into the new year and I would like to take this opportunity to look back at the year that has just passed. The main "theme" of 2020 is obvious and I don´t really want to write about it more than necessary as I am pretty sure we all are fed up with it by now. Instead, I am going to look at 2020 through 12 photos taken in each of 12 months of the year. Here we go.



We greet the year 2020 on the Azores Islands, an amazing volcanic archipelago in North Atlantic famous for outstanding natural beauties. Back in January, while hiking around the breathtaking landscapes light-heartedly, little do we know what is going to happen soon...



We relocate from the rural north of the Sao Miguel Island to the capital in the south, a charming town of Ponta Delgada. Still barely any signs of what the world would be up for. We are spending a lot of time outside, exploring the picturesque streets of the town, watching the sunsets and having a good time.



The month where things start to change. At the beginning of March, we take one of the last trips for a long time. When spending the last hours of the trip on Praia Viola, an amazing remote black sand beach, we already know that we might not experience anything like this for some time. Just a few days later, first anti-pandemic measures are taken, followed by a full lockdown shortly after that.



April is very tough on the island. Full lockdown and curfew in place. No hikes, no walks, no outdoors at all. You can only go out to buy food, medicines or walk your dog. Fortunately, we are staying at a relatively big apartment at the moment so I can turn one of the rooms into a makeshift home gym to get some exercise. Very makeshift, as you can see...



Another very challenging month. All measures still in place, no signs of easing things up. Every time you turn the TV on, all you get is covid...



Finally some relief. Lifting some of the restrictions means we can return home. Just before that, we decide to go for the last trip to our favorite place on the island - the mesmerizing area of Sete Cidades. We are so happy to be here again. I missed the legendary Azorean nature so bad...



In summer, life get back to a significant level of normalcy in most Europe. Back in the Czech Republic, we visit the beautiful spa town of Luhacovice. Nice sunny weather, almost no restrictions... Life feels pretty good.



Still fine. I make an epic bike trip with my friend, going from our hometown of Opava all the way up to highest peaks of the Jeseniky Mountains. The majestic building in the picture is the Linhartovy Chateau that we check out on the way.



The covid situation is worsening again. New measures are to be adopted soon. Yet, I still manage to go for a few mushroom hunts. September is when the high mushrooms season usually starts in my country and I don´t let the virus deprive me of one of my favorite outdoor activities.



Here we go again. Now it´s the lockdown what is mushrooming all over Europe. Prospects are dim so we decide to seek refuge in Krakow, a beautiful Polish city that we visited before in summer. With almost no tourists in this otherwise very touristy city, the rents are abundant and cheap. The city is in a partial lockdown but we are still allowed to go out. Walking in the park is one of our common pastimes.



Days are getting very short, cold, rainy, foggy... The covid numbers are soaring again. Another tough part of the year. Conditions for photographing are usually bad during the day so I better go to shoot after the sunset. A side view of the Wawel Castle.



Winter is here. Already had a few snowy days. After long years, I get to spend a part of Christmas with my family, which is something I am really grateful for. I take a few shots of my beloved hometown of Opava decorated with Christmas lights. Still, however, the weird feel is there. This was not a good year.

So this was my 2020 in pictures and with a bit of text. All of the photos were taken by me, except for the first one which is actually a photo of me taken by my @liltammy.

I tried not to be overly negative so hopefully, the overall impression is not too depressive but yeah, just like everyone else, I also do hope that 2021 will be much better ;)

I hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to come up with a similar photo summary of your 2020 and if you do that, please link your posts in the comment section below, I would love to read your stories.

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Těžký rok, ale zvládli jsme ho. Spolu :* ;)

If I find time I can make something similar;)

@tipu curate

Thank you so much Iliyan! I am looking forward to your summary :)

These photos are so good especially that they represent each month of your 2020. My most favourite is the July photo. Perfection.

2020 was a depressing year and many of us are so glad it's over, but the pandemic is still looming. Maybe we are now starting to adapt to the idea that it won't be over too soon. Still hopeful for this year though.

Happy New Year! Let's claim that this year will be better.

Thanks for your visit buddy, always a pleasure :) Well, in some months, for obvious reasons, it was really hard to take any interesting shots but I did my best to complete the summary. I remember you liked that June picture in the flower collection that I posted some time ago ;) One of my very favorite spots on the island.

Yeah, good point about the pandemic still looming but I am really hopeful that there will be a point somewhere in 2021 where we will start to have the upper hand in this battle. Will see. Happy New Year to you too my friend.

Wow! Absolutely amazing shots. Great series of photos and I love the detail you have gone into. Can't wait to see more.

Thanks, I am happy to see such a positive feedback :) Well, more... Fortunately no more 2020 for us :D

Awesome review of not that awesome year.
Still you managed to live through it and hopefully 2021 will be better.

I am looking forward to see where it will take you as I am sure there will be some nice adventures in your life again full of great photos.

I would like to point out you great contribution to the community. I am always happy to check your posts!

Wish you all the best!

Thank you so much Andy! Yeah, looking at the photos and remembering all those good moments, it was not actually that horrible year after all, just some parts of it :D Thanks for the nomination man, the community support is always appreciated ;)

That's awesome! Absolutely love the visual journal for the year!

Thank you :) I wish I did the same for the previous years, it would be cool to keep a track of my life. I forget stuff easily :D

Doufam, że v roce 2021 bude taky @krolestwo ;)

Haha, pořád vám dlužím tu návštěvu, já vím :D Jednou se určitě zastavím ;)

Amazing photos! My favorites are October and December.
I must say that you have seen a lot even in such a difficult period, which for all was the past year 2020.
I wish you well-being and a great New Year!

Thank you for stopping by @singa. Yeah, 2020 had some good moments too and it´s important to remember them and be grateful for them :) Happy New Year to you too!

Excluding some months, seems like a pretty cool year I would say :D And I love the initiative of sharing 12 pictures from the 12 months. It gives you a different perspective over 2020 whom is considered by almost everybody a miserable year :)

Exactly! It did help me realize it actually was not as disastrous year as it often felt. Maybe if you do the same thing (the photo summary of the year) you will get the same feeling :D

Happy New Year Buddy!! - I hope you are doing alright?

Thank you man! Happy New Year to you and yours too! Doing alright? Well, I am trying :D

The images are so vibrant, it makes me want to go through my screen to get to those places outdoors.😀 The year end roundup with monthly photo captures is such a creative idea. Happy New Year to you @phortun

Aww, thank you :) Well, to be honest, when I was working on this post and browsing through the photos, I wanted to go through the screen to those wild places again too :D ;)

Happy New Year to you and yours!

It was a tough year but we got through it and we are still battling on just hope it doesn't last all year again like 2020...Stay fit and safe my friend 👍

Thank you so much buddy, same to you and yours! :) Hopefully this one will treat us better.

Thanks let's hope so...Cheers 👍

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!WINE :-)

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Pěkný kalendář nepěkného roku :D

Díky za občerstvení ;)

Vše má v sobě něco "světlého". Třeba nás to "naučilo" vážit si každé "svobodné" chvilky :-)

A to zase jo ;)


Excellent photographs, I must say you have gone through a lot during a pandemic situation...So, during October you were stuck in Poland?

Thanks :) Well, not really stuck. My Czech hometown is very close to the border and I can sneak out there with a bit of luck. Already did that a few times. But yeah, we have based in Poland for the past few months.

Pěkný měsíčník ;)

No, některé části ano, jiné méně :D

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