Architectural Photography: beautiful churches of Krakow

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

You might know that Krakow, the second largest city in Poland, is sometimes referred to as the "Northern Rome" and there is a good reason for that. The former capital of Poland is known for an abundance of impressive Roman Catholic churches, cathedrals, monasteries, chapels and other remarkable religious buildings many of which date back to long centuries ago.

Currently, there are more than 120 churches in Krakow but the number has been constantly increasing as new churches are also built in the city. Krakow is really huge and even though we have just spent two weeks there, I am sure we only got to see a fraction of the total amount of churches that can be found and admired there.

Yet, I decided to compile a little collection of photos of churches that I took in Krakow so that I can share some of their charm and beauty with you here on my blog.

From tiny picturesque churches hidden in unknown neighborhoods to magnificent architectural masterpieces located right in the heart of the historic city, here are 15 photos of churches that I captured while roaming the streets of Krakow.
















I hope you enjoyed this little photo collection dedicated to the beauty of Krakow churches. I wanted to include the names of the churches in the post too but unfortunately, to my unpleasant surprise, I was able to identify just a few of them so I eventually decided not to include any captions here. Also, some of the churches were situated in narrow streets and it was impossible to capture them from regular photography angles and I had to improvise a bit so please excuse the weird perspective in some of the shots.

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Hey mate nice to see you at Photography Lovers community!
Your piece of work definitely belongs here with all these great photos.
They are saying visit Krakow...
I should plan trip to this part of Europe as I didn't even know how beautiful it actually is, before you started sharing so beautiful photos from the area...

I am sure this post will be successful and let me contribute in some way for your effort.

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Hey Andy, thank you very much for such a nice feedback and for your massive TipU support, it means a lot :) Well, Krakow is a true gem. I honestly had no idea how beautiful it is, even though I have been to Poland many times as my Czech hometown is located very close to the Polish border. I actually took hundreds of photos in Krakow so many posts are still yet to come ;)

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Magnificient buildings indeed!

Yeah, most of them :) Thanks for stopping by.

Good day. Ancient church architecture looks great in your photos. An excellent informative post that shows all the beauty of the city. Thank you so much for the interesting post.

Thanks man, I am glad you enjoyed the photo collection ;) My pleasure to promote the beauty of such an amazing historic city.

Wow! I’m truly impressed by the interesting mix of architectural styles and character details of these sacred buildings! They certainly demonstrate the strong religious influences that have been handed down from generation to generation. Thank you for giving us a visual taste of Krakow’s churches!

Very good observation :) It was my pleasure to take you on this tour ;)

I miss this city. I wish that I was able to spend more time there during Steemfest 3. I cant wait to go back there and bring my wife. The food was amazing.

It´s a big shame for me as my Czech hometown is just a short drive from Krakow but I was genuinely surprised how beautiful the city was and how many different and delicious meals they had over there. We might come there again in winter to check out the Christmas markets and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Must be amazing too. Thanks for your support Wes, much appreciated.

These churches look amazing and so beautiful 😍

Thanks Katrin, I am glad you enjoyed the collection :)

Měli jste fajn počasí... My tam byli v prosinci, kosa jak sviňa... Ale taky jsme si to užili ;)

Jo to máš pravdu, počasí vyšlo parádně. Celé dva týdny slunečno :) Vy jste tam byli asi na vánoční trhy, že?

Strávili jsme tam prodloužený víkend v prosinci. Trhy jsme prošli, ale nejeli jsme tam primárně kvůli nim ;)

I can see why they refer this as the "Northern Rome" it really does look like your in Rome they are absolutely masterpieces just love old architectural building like that so much character 👍

Thanks man :) I could also see why they picked that nickname for Krakow :D Very beautiful historic city. A great choice of place for that 2018 SteeFest for sure.

Krakow is a place of so much history and magnificent buildings. Worldwide, it had gained a bit of prominence during the pontificate of John Paul II Wojtyla because it was his place of birth. Everyone was talking about her. Then, as happens with all things, when the mass media do not take care of it, it ceases to occupy a space in the pages (real or virtual) of the broadcast media.

Greetings and thanks for sharing such beautiful images @phortun.

Actually, Karol Józef Wojtyła was born in Wadowice, a town that is located some 50 kilometres southwest of Krakow but he lived in Krakow too later on in his life.

Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you liked the photos :)

Wow, this city has many surprises from what I have seen in your posts!

Haha it does :) Very nice surprises actually :)

You do live in a nice part of the world looking at these spectacular churches would make you think you are in Rome who needs to go to Rome when your got it so close to you great photos by the way 🙂

Thank you my friend. Yeah, Europe is full amazing old architecture dating back to centuries and sometimes even millennia ago :) Almost every country has its own gems like these.

I really need to get back to Europe once this pandemic is fully cleared from this earth i miss my cousins red wine and home made olives and salami and everything else , lol

Haha I can imagine... many people are stuck at different places all over the world because of this covid craziness. Hopefully life on Earth will get back to normal soon (but I have my doubts to be honest).

This is true i really think that we will be living in a different world never be the same again looks like i will have to make my own red wine and salami 🤔

Wow, I see you had opportunity to see quite a lot of historic, sacral architecture in Kraków. I used to live there around 5 years, and it's indeed beautiful, old city. Cheers man!

Wow, must have been an honor to call such an amazing city your home for 5 years :) We really enjoyed our time in there. A lot of nice memories.