How much do we love God?

Authored by @Pdc

Above all things I love God with all his heart… what a dream Noooo ?, now it can be achieved… Think about it, we said yesterday and I ask you? Did you think about it? He brought that dream back to his mind, believing that it is possible, that everything is ready for you to achieve it.

To help you, look at what the Word says in the Book of Jeremiah chapter 15: 19 “Therefore, thus says the Lord: If you turn, I will restore you, and you will stand before me; and if you separate the precious from the vile, you will be like my mouth. Convert them to you, and you do not convert to them.

And this Jehovah answers Jeremiah after he feels totally discouraged, to the point of complaining about the way he had been with Jehovah's things and things had not gone well and if you read the previous verses, From the 15th onwards he will be able to realize how he was and there comes a time when Jehovah responds to him, with verse 19.

At this moment I am interested in talking about an impressive expression of our God "If you select the precious from the vile" and what does it mean, if from his mind I will extract the precious from the vile, if he separate what is precious that is in his mind and from once and for all I will take out those bad thoughts, those impossibilities, those regrets, those complaints and I will really give place to the "precious", Those thoughts of glory, of possibilities, of opportunities that can generate a beautiful future, which is prepared for All If you read correctly, you only have to separate and select the precious from the Vile ... Can you do it at this time? ... Think about it ... We will follow you tomorrow.