Photography Lovers Contest - Birdie time!

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I was completely unaware that the community was organizing a photography contest! I wonder how many editions I have missed... but glad I stumble into this week's theme, which is my favourite: animals! And since there's another community on the platform that I'm really fond of, where the winged creatures shine... birds will be the chosen ones for this contest!

Tier: Amateur

Caught this one during a trip to Sri Lanka. In fact, all the photos on this post are from there. This country hosts a huge number of species; some of them I could identify, but it wasn't the case on this photo. Nevertheless, I love this one. Birds can be acrobatic and really inventive, even more so when it's lunch time!


One leg to one side, other one floating in mid air, wings flapping, upside down... doesn't matter, as long as that berry can be picked! 😁

Since sharing only a photo seems too litle, not for competition purposes, just for the sharing part, here are a few more of the inhabitants of Sri Lanka.

The other birds on this post were quieter, or at least apparently! This male asian Koel, Eudynamys scolopaceus, was actually "drooling" looking at a feeding spot!


He was gorging in rice seconds after this photo was taken. The bee eater wasn't so lucky, and had to wait a little for for his meal.


He got it, eventually; at least, for the amount of times he took flight and back, it's statistically very likely!

The last one was not that interested in food, more about beauty.


He stood ages in that branch, preening, even when the rain started. He looks realy like a portuguese species, but can't tell for sure; really have to brush up on my birdwatching skills!

Good luck on the contest everyone!


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That contest image was pretty good, hanging on with one foot, all for a berry, but that berry does look nice.

Thanks! Poor bird was hungry! ;)

I am amazed! Excellent pictures catching unbelievable moments!

Thank you for the visit!