I have a new Camera

in Photography Lovers5 months ago

So, a couple months ago I started selling my bitcoin so I could buy a new camera. The camera I chose was a brand spanking new Canon EOS R6 with the kit lens. This is an amazing upgrade from my 60D. I'm still learning and getting past some of the differences from DLSR and mirrorless, one of the things that gets me still is that the damn thing needs to be ON when you want to see a potential shot.

With my DSLRs I would always leave them off to save battery and frame shots or potential shots on walks before deciding to stop, turn it on, and take the shot.

I can't count the number of times I have put this camera to my eye only to see black, remember to flick the switch and frame. I've started leaving it on and then hitting the trigger to wake it when I want to see if there is a shot there.


This is a quick shot on a recent walk in the woods.

The autofocus system and video quality on this camera is amazing!

I can't wait to have a bit of time to start editing these shots.