Entry for Photo 52, 2020 Challenge, Week Number 32 - The Moon

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It is week 32 of the Photo 52, 2020 Challenge, hosted by @photo52. Each week there is a new theme and now the main subject is the Moon.

To enter the challenge check the post here.

The Moon can be seen in different phases on the sky and seems when it is a full Moon, it is most loved to be photographed. Indeed I have seen some astonishing photos of rising Moon. My approach however is a bit different. The photos below are made with the old Nokia smartphone (which proved to have better camera than my current Samsung) through the lens of the telescope.

It is hard to show with simple shot what really one can see with a telescope. The best astrophotography images are made with better gear than mine, stacking programs and a lot of time. Mine are simply a shot and postprocessed after with Photoshop express app.


I still am able to give you an idea of what I have observed when I put the telescope on the balcony. The lunar craters and the seas (the dark patches) are incredible when seen for the first time.

I took these photos three years ago. The craters are best for viewing when the phase is First / Last quarter or Waxing / Waning Gibbous. Mine are from the First Quarter.


These photos do not show the Moon in romantic or spooky way. They are one of mine first photos in astrophotography and regretably I haven't new ones.


Thank you for viewing.

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Much appreciated! Thank you!

Bravo on the astrophotography its something I've really wanted to get into for a long time but just cant afford all the gear. I have sone friends that are really quite good at it. Im envious of their beautiful shots they take.

I think your pics are great especially since you're not using a dslr or stacking. I'd like to see more of your photos.

Thank you very much for your kind comment.
I soon realized that astrophotography and astronomy is rather expensive hobby. 😀
I have made lots of photos of the Moon and most of them are not worth. Unfortunatelly the photes of the planets did not come good either. Still I can continue to shoot the Moon and to observe the sky 😀

Very stunning photos of the moon taken with very simple gadget!! Nicely edited too! Love to see more!!

Thank you! 😀
Glad you like them. I have to try again, taking advantage of the nice weather.

Oh I love those. My telescope doesn't come anywhere near that clear. What type of telescope do you have?

i am curious, too. Neli didnt said she owns one, she said she used one..

Thank you!
I have 6" reflector. The telescope is good, but the mount is horrible, not stable at all and if I could I would replace it. For observing the sky from my balcony it works well despite the light pollution. But for astrophotography I can do only Moon photos. I have couple of images of Jupiter, not worth showing and a short clip of Saturn, not worth showing either.
What kind is your telescope?

I like those results! why " ...and regretably I haven't new ones" ?.. did you lend the telescope and do not own it?.. I bet it must be very touching. never had a chance to look into telescope myself, in this life.... yet.

Morning @qwerrie,
Glad you like them. I own the telescope, but I guess I turned a bit lazy lately as I only take it out to gaze the sky from time to time. The last photos I took of the Moon were not good at all. I have to try again. I had a post about it before, but maybe it would be good to make another one.

When you first look trough the telescope, you must know that it is not like what you see as final result, speaking about planets and deep space objects. There is a lot of work to proccess and stack the images. I never learned how to use these programs. Lazy again and definetely need another camera. Here comes the expensive part of the hobby. Once having a telescope, you need some upgrade and it comes with the cost. I try with what I have available.

I hope you will have the chance to look trough telescope. It is very exciting to see the rings of Saturn, or the moons of Jupiter. 😀 If you visit an observatory, you can experience much more.

yes, i totally can imagine that its a costy hobby..
well, than you for a developed response.

stack the images. I never learned how to use these programs.

are you in posession of Ph. shop? i can show you a few basic commands for doing this, how it looks like in PS.

Thanks for your help, but I am mostly on tablet where I have light version of Photoshop and I have downloaded on the laptop RegiStax and DeepSkyStacker as they were suggested specially for astrophotography. But they looked rather complex.

o! then I could come up with nothing, really. I wish then, you to dig into it yourself, and have another level-up as a photographer. quality and value of the photos will rise sufficiently (I can tell that cause I started doing focus stacking of macros.. its worth it!)