Once upon a sunset (reflection)


I took these photos yesterday. I felt so lonely. My heart was sad because it was broken. I found a place where I could release it. To express my loneliness even if just staring nothing. I didn't know what was on my mind at that time. I felt like just staying in a place to mourn the broken heart. While I was busy doing nothing. I saw a beautiful sunset. It moved and even just a while. My black and world became colourful.


I took my camera and captured the view. It was indeed pretty. I wondered what to say or what to write. It's not helping since my heart was still lonely. I felt so down and I was thinking to kill my emotions. No words would come out and no reasons to state. I was really not in the mood to write. All I wanted that time was to enjoy and cover the emptiness with colours. But today is different. The teary world was replaced with a rainbow.

I spent time staring at the photos. I suddenly realised something. About our life in this world. How it flows and how it works. I then compared my life to this sunset. After a few days of spending in the dark. I found a light. I found a beauty because that is life. Just keep on struggling and never give up. Just endure and have patience. A rainbow will appear after the strong rain.


No matter how life tests you. Your happiness. Your sadness. Even the reason to live. Keep fighting. Open your mind that there will always be an end of everything. Not now or not tomorrow. It may be taking too long. Just keep on holding on. Always remember that there are many reasons not to give up. You may not see it right away. Just wait for it because the results will not happen before you do. Do not forget. Living in this world will only happen once. That life you have now is a gift. Don't waste it because you will know it's worth it.

It's fine not to smile all the time. It's fine to cry sometimes. You need it when it's too heavy. Just let it go. Just let it flow. Just let it explode until you'll be satisfied. After it all. You will witness a beauty right next to your eyes. This is what is life about. You can't see the beauty if you can't see the ugly.

Thank you for reading

images are mine
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d' dreamboy,


Great photos! I loved the colors in the last photo. I understand you very well. Sometimes I feel so lonely even though there are a lot of people around me. I hope you get rid of this mood soon.